3 Cute & Easy Ways To Get Heat-Free Waves

If you have medium to long, straight hair, you've probably found that drying and styling it can take way too much time. Not to mention it damages your locks. So instead of spending an hour with your blow dryer and curling wand, try a 'do that will give you heat-free waves with less effort. And sure, there are plenty of ways to style your wet hair so it curls while it dries, but a lot of those ways involve 'dos you might not prefer to leave the house wearing. But fear not. There are a few easy …

By Miki Hayes

Manny Mua & James Charles' Photo Is So Inspiring

Over the weekend, one of the biggest beauty conventions in the country was held in Los Angeles, and many people's favorite beauty bloggers were in attendance. While seeing everyone together was exciting, Manny Gutierrez and James Charles' Generation Beauty appearance takes the cake. If you're not a total beauty junkie, these names may only sound vaguely familiar to you, but they are the two faces of Maybelline and CoverGirl respectively. They're the very first male faces to represent major cosme…

By Shea Simmons

This Cult Highlighter Is Only $12 Right Now

Here's a good thing: A highlighter raved about the internet over is on sale, and not just any sale. Deep sale, as part of a trio that also includes blush and bronzer, a.k.a. the original face makeup categories. They're like the Homeward Bound of makeup, they've seen things, but they're no less for it. Except when they are, fiscally, as part of a magnificent, mysterious sale on Ipsy. Normally exclusive to members, TheBalm's cult Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter is only $12 right now — although divide…

By Rachel Nussbaum

Glitter Concealer Is A Thing Now

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em — or, you know, cover them in glitter. It's a modification that works for our modern times, whether you're talking about active resistance or how to brighten up dark circles, which we are. After years of maybe-unsuccessfully trying to hide them, this latest trick illustrates the beauty of going all-out sparkler. And while it's been around for years — who doesn't remember when glitter-covered shadows made the rounds on Pinterest and Tumblr, it was vintage concept a…

By Rachel Nussbaum

21 Weird Hair Tools People Are Buying On Amazon

By Bianca Mendez

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Things You Might Be Doing Wrong While Contouring

Contouring has been around for ages, but if you've just started dabbling in it then you have probably quickly realized there's a major learning curve involved. Chiseling your face out is hard, but it doesn't take long to master. There might be a couple of things you're doing wrong while contouring, but knowing those missteps helps you tackle them all the faster. I've asked three makeup artists to do just that, and help people reach a Kardashian-level of blended perfection. As a novice myself, I…

By Marlen Komar

11 Of The Best Peel Off Masks You Can Buy

Chances are you've noticed dozens of beauty gurus showing off radiant skin after ripping black charcoal from their faces, but the best peel-off face masks come in every color and formula. If you've never tried it, slathering your skin in a goopy paste before tearing it off probably sounds terrifying. Curiosity may leave you wondering whether peel-offs are good for your face or if they're just another silly beauty trend that doesn't actually work. Sure, it could be a tad gimmicky, but there's no …

By Summer Arlexis

What Women On 'The Bachelor' Packed For The Show

Behind the well-produced magic of The Bachelor, there's the nitty-gritty that, duh, these are real women traveling from all over. So before the ~shocking quotes and ~character revelations, each contestant is responsible for hauling all the stuff they need to set, making for some truly fascinating luggage decisions. When the whole world is watching, who do you want them to see? No pressure, but have your nanny pack well (jokes). Thanks to some investigative work by Glamour, we know exactly what B…

By Rachel Nussbaum

Here's How To DIY A Makeup Pad Dispenser

Recently, I’ve been trying to organize my makeup drawer. It doesn’t take much for it to become messy, and I’ve been on the hunt for some cost-effective ways to declutter it. Thankfully, Instagram is always on hand to help, especially, with this homemade makeup pad dispenser. I found the tutorial for the dispenser on Paula Stephania’s account and was impressed at how useful it was. Makeup pads and cotton balls are always taking up room in my drawer — or spilling all over the place, thanks to rip…

By Emma Matthews

The Biggest Piercing Trends For 2017

A new year brings with it a fresh start and the chance to totally transform your personal style. If you're into body mods, you'll likely be interested in the biggest piercing trends for 2017, because piercings are an easy way to keep your finger on the fashion pulse. It's always fun to shake things up when it comes to how you present your personality visually to the world. Of course, you can do this by investing in new outfits, getting a new hairstyle, or experimenting with makeup, but if you'r…

By Phoebe Waller