The Level Up

How 1 Athlete Is Making Waves For LGBTQ+ Representation In Surfing

"I'm proud of who I am."

By Jay Polish

QAnon Broke Them Up. Their Partners Want Them Back.

“I'm not sure that I get to just walk out because he got involved in some weird sh*t.”

By Leila Barghouty

UK Mental Health Resources For Managing The "Final" Few Months Of Lockdown

Whatever your situation, there's help out there.

By Alice Broster
LGBTQ+ History Month

Meet The Instagrammers Behind Black & Gay Back In The Day

And why they decided to start a digital archive that celebrates, honours, and remembers the Black British queer community.

By Sam Rogers
Social Media

How A Dietitian & Activist Coped After Gaining 100K Instagram Followers

“All the time and energy I spend on Instagram posts is made worth it when Black women can see themselves in this conversation.”

By Jennifer Gerson

TikTokers With Tourette Syndrome Are Using Baking Videos To Raise Awareness

Smashed eggs, spilled flour, and lots of myth-debunking.

By JR Thorpe

Everyone’s Invited. Except For The Unvaccinated.

Disagreements about the COVID vaccine are forcing friendships to unravel.

By Emma Pattee

3 Women Share How Coronavirus-Fueled Racism Has Affected Them

“They gave me the excuse that they’re trying to protect other patients, but I’m also a patient.”

By Leila Barghouty
LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBTQ+ British Milestones: A Timeline

Remembering the challenges and celebrating the achievements of changemakers through the ages in the UK's LGBTQ+ communities.

By Bustle UK

15 Signs You Had An Emotionally Abusive Parent But Didn’t Know It

#9: They were over-involved in your life.

By Natalia Lusinski and JR Thorpe
TV & Movies

How 'Friends' Fails Same Sex Families Like Mine

The portrayal of Carol & Susan’s relationships is laced with homophobia & ignores the joy that comes from growing up with two mums.

By Amy Beecham

Experts Explain What Happens In Your Brain When You Process A Conspiracy Theory

Why people reject or embrace thoroughly debunked ideas.

By JR Thorpe