This Cancer Survivor’s Song Left Simon Cowell Speechless & Has 20 Million Views

“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy,” Nightbirde told him.

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H.E.R. Explains How Hannah Montana Influenced Her Career & Love Of Sunglasses

“She paved the way for artists who want to be rock stars and live a normal life, like me.”

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Bree Runway Isn’t Interested In What’s “Popular”

The “Hot Hot” singer on teaming up with the Tate, owning her success, and being an absolute rockstar.

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Your Exclusive First Look At Griff’s New Mini-Doc For Spotify

Griff talks songwriting, dressmaking, and eating chips at the BRITs with Taylor Swift.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Promises To Do Better Amid The 'In The Heights' Controversy

"In trying to paint a mosaic of this community, we fell short. I'm truly sorry."

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The Billie Eilish Queerbaiting Controversy, Explained

Fans are divided.

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Everything We Know About Lorde Touring The UK In 2022

Because we’d really like to dance to “Solar Power” live.

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VINCINT Embraces What Makes Him Stand Out: “Fitting In Is Boring”

“If I knew who I was [at 16], then I would’ve stood tall in who I was. I would have been as great as I am now, then.”

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Melissa Barrera Didn’t Think Rap & Salsa Could Be In Musicals — Until 'In The Heights'

Playing Vanessa was a dream come true.

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Everything To Know About 'Girls5eva' Season 2

Busy Philipps’s prayers have been answered.

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A$AP Rocky Feels "Truly Blessed" To Be Dating Rihanna

The rapper's latest comments come roughly a month after he called the pop icon "the love of my life."

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Spice Girls Will Release A Brand New Song To Mark 'Wannabe' Turning 25

And there’s a social media campaign you will definitely want to get involved in, too.

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