By Becca Strassberg

With the holiday season coming at us fast, it can feel like there's no time to plan anything, least of all a party. You have to put together a menu, figure out a guest list, shop new tableware, and eventually, you’ll need to clean and cook. ‘Tis the season to be jolly? More like, ''Tis the season to commit to throwing a holiday party, only to get very overwhelmed, very fast!'

Luckily, JCPenney can help…with basically everything. In a single shopping trip or online order, you can refresh your table to give it a holiday flair, snag an outfit to impress your guests, and even purchase activities and entertainment to ensure you throw the best bash of the season. Sure, it’s easy for every holiday party to seem exactly the same, but when you have help from JCPenney, yours is sure to stand out from the rest. And bonus: it may just be the one party that your guests are still talking about come summer.

To help you set your party apart, Bustle teamed up with JCPenney to create the ultimate list full of products to help you throw a holiday party that’s anything but basic. From upscale attire that'll wow your guests, to classic dinnerware and fun games that everyone will love (karaoke, anyone?), it’s all right here.

Keep scrolling and let JCPenney do the planning for you.

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The holiday season would be nothing without tables chock full of food and drinks. But don’t just do the cooking and call it a day. Creating a beautiful tablescape will make the spread all the more delicious, and your guests are sure to appreciate the extra touch.

You’ve planned and prepped and cooked over a hot stove, but make sure you don’t forget about you. You’ll want to feel your absolute best — not sweaty and flustered — when guests arrive. JCPenney has some pretty incredible deals on apparel and accessories, so it’ll be easy to look like a million bucks. All you really need to do is hop in the shower!

Once guests are fed, you can really relax and kick back. Now’s the time to take things a step further with entertainment and activities to keep that good feeling going.

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