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16 Lip Colors To Wear Right Now And Channel Your Boldest You

by Kaleigh Fasanella

There’s no denying the power of lipstick and its ability to transform a person with a single swipe. You can be whoever you want to be with the change of your shade: bold and powerful in red, romantic in pink, or sassy in cinnamon. In fact, all it takes is the perfect creamy formula and the right color to feel like you’re wielding confidence in a tube. Basically, we’re saying is lipstick is kind of a big deal.

This summer, in partnership with BUXOM, we set out to showcase just how transformative it can be. We asked two women to take the brand’s new Full Force Plumping Lipsticks for a test drive, sampling hues that brought out the boldest sides of their personalities. Of the 16 richly pigmented and pout-plumping shades, each of them found the ones that made them feel the dreamiest, the bossiest (in the best possible way), the most badass, and the most like rock stars.

Read on to see which ones they chose and to find your perfect shades, because there’s more than one color for — and side to — everyone. You can shop your fave at Ulta Beauty or BUXOM Cosmetics!

For The Dreamer

Maybe you’re a mood boarder. Maybe you’re a business planner. Maybe you secretly spend time romantically daydreaming at your desk. Whatever kind of fantasies your mind gets caught up in, try a your-lips-but-better mauve like Dolly Dreamer. It’s the perfectly balanced shade — neither too bright nor too neutral — to enhance your natural pout and brighten your skin with cool undertones. Plus, thanks to hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and avocado oil, this creamy formula will keep your lips nourished all day while you slip in and out of reveries.

For more shades to inspire your dreams, try Lover, Goddess, and Hot Shot.

For The Boss

Let me guess: You dominate board meetings, rock blazers like nobody’s business, and command attention the minute you walk into a room. Naturally, Boss — a sultry cinnamon that screams CEO — is your signature shade. It has the ability to look both professional and sexy at the same time. Plus, it’s a color that works with just about any outfit, whether that’s a statement suit or a crop top with cutoffs. The formula is also so buttery, you’ll never have to worry about it flaking off while you’re giving that major presentation. After all, these are boss moments that matter, so it’s crucial that your lipstick looks 100 percent.

To channel other facets of your exec vibe, Mover, Gladiator, and Baller are all top-dog shades.

For The Badass

You live by your rules and your rules only — that, and you’re never afraid to speak up, break boundaries, or set the trends. Go ahead and show off this tenacious side with the shade Badass, a bold, beautiful grape that will grab people’s attention and have them following your lead. The second you swipe it on, you’ll feel its volumizing tingle like a shot of adrenaline, inspiring you to get out there and make your badass moves. Plus, the teardrop-shaped tip seamlessly hugs the curve of your lips so you'll be good to go with just one swipe.

Other Full Force shades that embody your trendsetting nature include Influencer, Icon, and Winner.

For The Shaker

Are you the first and last person on a dance floor? Can your friends count on you to belt it out at a music festival or karaoke bar? You’re a true performer. And when you’re not shaking to the beat of life, you’re encouraging others around you to spice things up, too. That’s why Shaker, a nearly neon hot pink shade, couldn’t be more up your alley. It’ll last without smudging or fading through any set, and wherever you go in this high-voltage hue, you’re sure to draw an audience.

Amp up the diva in you with related shades like Rockstar, Triple Threat, and Powerhouse.

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Photography: FIONAYEDUARDO; Makeup: Julianna Grogan; Hair: Yoichi Tomizawa; Wardrobe Styling: Heather Newberger; Set Design: Marie-Yan Morvan; Art Direction: Diana Weisman/BDG; Production: Nancy Valev/BDG; Branded Beauty Leads: Lexi Novak & Irma Elezovic/BDG