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3 Bustle Women Put This 24-Hour Foundation To The Test

By Audrey Williams

I’m a firm believer that women can do it all and then some, though that often leads to packed schedules and long days. That’s why preparation is key. Having an arsenal of products that you know can keep up (an endless supply of cold brew, perhaps?) is step number one. Step two is giving your beauty routine a little extra attention so it can last as long as you — and no product is more crucial to an all-day look than foundation.

This is why, in partnership with Lancôme, I set out to put the brand’s iconic Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation to the test. The buildable formula was made to be the answer for anyone looking for a long wear without the dry cakiness that usually comes with it. No matter what kind of day you have, it promises to maintain a velvety matte finish for up to 24 hours. To really see if the foundation lived up to its reputation, I asked two of my Bustle coworkers — with totally different lifestyles and skin tones (there are 45 shades to choose from!) — to test it out with me. Here’s how Teint Idole Ultra kept up with our days, from early morning errands, to late-night concerts, and everything in between.

Audrey, Branded Fashion & Beauty Editor

MORNING: Whenever I know I have a long day ahead of me, I do a lot of prep, giving myself an extra hour to get ready. And that was the exact situation the day I first tested out the foundation. After I applied shade 410 Bisque W (the perfect color for my in-between skin tone), I finished the rest of my all-day makeup look: bold gel eyeliner and a liquid lipstick that doesn’t budge. Then, I took my dog on an extra long walk, since I knew I’d be home late — and stopped to treat myself to a classic New York “baconeggandcheese.” After our walk, I changed into my work clothes and headed off to catch the train.

AFTERNOON: At work, I usually juggle a lot of meetings and deadlines, so I try to carve out a moment to myself for lunch. Otherwise, I’ll burn out before I get to the end of my day. That afternoon, I went for a walk through the park near my office and grabbed food. Even outside in bright sunlight, the foundation still looked amazing. My oily skin would have normally defeated other formulas at this point.

EVENING: I finished up the rest of my day, editing stories and working on article concepts, before heading to an event. Because I’m always running late, I knew I wouldn’t have time to touch up my makeup. Thankfully, Teint Idole Ultra was still holding up and had meshed with my skin’s natural oils, leaving me with a dewy finish that wasn’t too oily or too dry (which is how I actually prefer my foundation).

Ali, Brand Strategy + Planning

MORNING: Ali’s day started with a morning workout at a gym close to her apartment — she ran home after to do her full beauty routine. “My typical work makeup is tinted moisturizer, bronzer, and mascara,” she says. “But I wear foundation if I have plans at night and want my makeup to last all day. What I loved about Teint Idole Ultra was that it gave me enough coverage to last but still felt super light and natural.” Ali’s perfect shade is 360 Bisque N.

AFTERNOON: “In the afternoon, I had an important lunch with clients and had to look my best,” Ali says. “I rushed over from another meeting and thankfully didn’t need any touch-ups.”

EVENING: To wind down after work, Ali met up with a few friends for happy hour and dinner. With a few quick adjustments, she was ready for the evening in no time. “I added a little eyeliner, some lip gloss, and I curled my hair to dress up my look. My foundation was still good to go...10 hours later.”

Neelum, Account Manager

MORNING: Neelum’s morning started with an in-depth skin-care routine using rosehip oil, SPF moisturizer, eye cream, and primer. Then came the fun part: makeup. Because she’s on the West Coast, she needs a foundation that can withstand the heat. So she blended on Teint Idole Ultra in 420 Bisque N and finished her look with concealer, setting powder, bronzer, brow gel, eyeliner, and mascara.

AFTERNOON: “After getting ready, I left the house to grab a smoothie and meet friends in the park for a walk,” Neelum says. “It was a beautiful sunny day, so we decided to have lunch outside in Hayes Valley (in the heart of San Francisco) before popping in and out of stores. I was directly in the sun for most of the morning and early afternoon, which would usually make my foundation wear off, but this held up perfectly.”

EVENING: Since she had a concert to go to that night, Neelum ran home to freshen up and make a quick change after running errands. “My foundation was still in place, and the only things I touched up were my lipstick and eyeliner,” she says. “Not having to fix my foundation was a game changer. Not to mention, it looked gorgeous in all my pictures, and I got a ton of compliments on how good it looked!”

This post is sponsored by Lancôme.

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