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3 Unexpected Takes On Yoga And What To Wear For Each

By Suzanne McKenzie

If we had to pick one love of our workout life, it would probably be yoga. There’s no better way to get moving, stretch our limbs, and boost our moods, all in one 60- or 90-minute class.

That being said, we’re also of the belief that even the classics could use a little updating now and again. Yes, even yoga.

That’s why we’re stoked whenever we hear about a new take on old-fashioned yoga, whether it’s combined with spinning, boxing, or any other type of exercise that we’re currently obsessed with.

But onto what’s arguably the *most* important part of any workout experience: your outfit.

In the spirit of looking cute while we sweat it out, we teamed up with Athleta to bring you the most fun, colorful, and ok, yes, highest-performing looks for every type of yoga workout.

Read on to discover your new go-to uniform.

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Aerial Yoga

If you're itching to take your yoga practice to new heights (literally), we'd like to introduce you to your new BFF, aerial yoga.

Since it's done while suspended from the ceiling in cloth hammocks, getting your friends to do this class with you might require a little convincing. Here's the good news, though: The suspension takes the pressure off joints and bones, making it the perfect workout for pretty much anyone.

For her class, Malia wore form-fitting tights that supported her in all the right places, and a sports bra that allowed for ample movement and flexibility — a non-negotiable when you're hanging from the ceiling!

Boxing Yoga

We all know that yoga is supposed to relax us, but what happens when it's paired it with some aggression-busting punches, jabs, and uppercuts? Answer: you're left with the incredible workout combo that is ~boxing yoga~. It gets you warm with some explosive cardio, then lets you cool down with that much-needed savasana. Say it with us: om!

For boxing yoga, Stevie went for stop-them-in-their-tracks bright teal tights and a supportive sports bra that works overtime so she can focus on her moves.

Spin Yoga

No one likes having to choose between cardio and strength + stretch when it comes time to book a workout class. With spin yoga, that problem becomes a thing of the past. This combo class gives you a rockin' hour of rapid transitions between bike and yoga mat that'll leave you breathless, sweaty, and counting down the days until round two.

Jade's spin yoga uniform consists of a flexible tight (with a pocket, no less!) plus a bra that lets her move freely as she makes those quick movements, helping her make the most of every minute.

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