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3 Ways To Make These Iconic adidas Sneakers Completely Your Own

By Elly Ayres

The most iconic styles transcend the decades that created them. Effortlessly jumping from glossy magazine spreads to digital screens and back again, these pieces maintain their relevance across music, fashion, and countless other pop culture spheres. Inside the adidas Originals Home of Classics, our eyes are fixed on the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s influences. From the adidas Superstar and Continental 80 to everyone’s favorite Stan Smith sneaker, these everyday legacies are as significant to today’s fashion conversation as they were when they first dropped. We’re looking to these storied styles to inform our next summer looks, combining the best parts of their decades’ heritage with style touches from today. In partnership with adidas Originals, here’s how to make the classic sneakers completely your own.

For The ’70s Style Star

Whether you’re spending this summer afternoon basking indoors with your AC or getting ready for a night downtown with friends, your Superstars pair well with a ’70s-inspired denim romper with a lace-up back. Give your own retro-inspired look a punch of your personality with eye-catching details (like these crew socks, which lend a hit of color with mismatched rainbow stripes). Finish the look with a fun acrylic earring or playful pair of sunglasses.

Savannah wears the adidas Superstar.

For The 80s Video Star

In the ’80s, video killed the radio star. Glam rock gave way to hair bands and hip-hop found an even bigger following through a 24/7 music video channel. We’re taking the excitement that came with seeing your favorite musician’s world come to life and channeling it into a bold, bright look anchored by Continental 80s. Snap up tech joggers in your favorite color (this yellow tapered style is a streamlined update to an ‘80s tracksuit pant), and pair with an easy cropped white tee inspired by classic soccer jerseys for a sporty-cool finish.

Selena wears the adidas Continental 80.

For The 90s Pop Star

While the ’90s musical influences are veritably endless, our modern take on the decade is a best hits compilation of pop star-meets-ska punk confection. Though the ageless Stan Smith sneaker first made its debut in the ’70s, its bright green accents inspired this ’90s-centric color palette. A bubblegum pink dress frosted with tulle is topped with a timeless jean jacket, and a translucent bag in a tangerine sheen carries all your essentials. Make the look your own with a clash of multicolored hair clips in your favorite colors and textures.

Cassidy wears the adidas Stan Smith.

Photo: McKenzie Thompson; Prop & Set Stylist: Lauren Bahr; Makeup: Ashley Victoria; Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi; Art Direction: Molly Kugelmann/BDG; Branded Fashion Lead/Styling: Jenna Wexler/BDG; Branded Fashion Editor/Styling Assistant: Elly Ayres/BDG; Production: Nancy Valev/BDG