Secrets to a (Slightly) Less Painful Bikini Wax

by Julia Teen

Oh, the unsweet hell that is the bikini wax. Real talk: It’s never going to get completely pain-free (ripping hair from your sensitive areas isn’t a feeling we’re going to grow to like) but with a few simple tweaks, the experience can get easier. Read it and (try not to) weep:

Prep correctly (and avoid embarrassment)

Getting turned away from the salon because you’ve over-trimmed your hair with your super-zealous prep work. Or if you have to be trimmed by the salon girl (I personally find this so awkward, for some reason). The ideal length is one quarter of an inch (an estimate is fine, no need for a ruler) — you'll avoid having your waxer spend time plucking strays with the tweezers.

Time it right

It’s said that the best time to get a wax is after you’ve finished your period, when your pain threshold is highest. Whether this works for everyone, remains to be seen, however it’s definitely not the best idea to hop on the waxing bed during your PMS dates. If it’s a must… take an Advil first.

Exfoliation can help

Just not the day of as this’ll increase sensitivity, but the day or night before. Post wax: Ensure that you are gently exfoliating 24-48 hours when the skin is settled, to keep the area in the best condition for a longer period.

Prevent ingrowns

We all get them, but avoid trying to extract them yourself which just leads to scarring. Apply a solution like Tend Skin, which is one of the best products you can apply for ingrown issues (your boyfriend can use it for razor burn, too). You can also track down a cheaper alternative at a drugstore.

Don’t shave in between

I know it’s tempting. May I suggest plucking instead? Shaving increases the likelihood of ingrown hairs and also reverses all the waxing work (thinning out the hair) by making the new hairs coarse and thick. It’s a short-term solution that only guarantees your next wax to be just as painful again.

Image: Fotolia