Jason Segel Dramas Are Rare But 'The End Of The Tour' Isn't The Only Movie Where The Actor's Gone Serious

It's not even out yet, but already, the David Foster Wallace biopic The End of the Tour is stirring up some huge reactions. There are the comments from Wallace's family, which, to say the least, hasn't been kind; the early reviews from critics, many of which are predicting the film to be a surefire Oscar nominee; and then there's all the talk surrounding Jason Segel's performance in the lead role. As Wallace, Segel, an actor best known for comedies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and How I Met Your Mother, gives what's undoubtedly the most serious turn of his career. Yet for those thinking it's the only time the star has gone dramatic, think again — Jason Segel has done dramas before, and quite well.

Seriously: although it might seem like Segel's resume is filled exclusively with comedic roles, there are actually plenty of darker, more serious turns mixed in with the humorous. Whether it was an entire movie he starred in (Jeff Who Lives At Home, anyone?) or just a small part of an overall funny project, Segel is in fact very familiar with dramatic work. The End of the Tour will certainly be his most intense movie yet, but here are 11 other times the actor showed off his serious side:

1. When Marshall's Dad Died On How I Met Your Mother

This scene. Don't watch unless you're in private, with a box of tissues in hand.

2. Jeff Who Lives At Home

In the Duplass brothers' 2011 film, Segel played Jeff, a depressed, unemployed pothead who lives in his mother's basement. While the movie has its share of funny moments, at its core is Segel's moving performance as a lost soul searching for meaning in life.

3. The "Peter You Suck" Scene In Forgetting Sarah Marshall

The movie may have been a comedy, but don't tell me there wasn't serious pain behind this... inspired piano tune.

4. When He Revealed His Passion In SLC Punk!

Has anyone ever talked about plants with so much conviction?

5. When Lily Left Marshall On How I Met Your Mother

Nope. Can't do it. Too upsetting.

6. The Breakup On How I I Met Your Mother

Both Segel and Hannigan are fantastic in this depressing scene.

7. CSI

Segel had a recurring role as a lab tech on CSI back in '04 and '05. Suffice to say, it wasn't filled with laughs.

8. When He Played A Paramedic In 11:14

It was a small part, but a serious one — he helped arrest a murderer.

9. The Shower Scene In Undeclared

Eric didn't handle his breakup in the healthiest way, to say the least, and it made for some great drama.

10. Alias

In a 2005 episode of Alias, Segel played Sam, a civilian busboy accidentally placed in danger by Sydney (Jennifer Garner).

11. When He Didn't Get Into A Band In Freaks And Geeks

After not getting a part as a drummer in a band, Nick confronted his worst fears, and it's heartbreaking to watch.

Segel has proved over the years that he's just as talented at drama as he is at comedy, but if anyone still thinks he isn't capable of handling serious roles, his heartbreaking performance in The End of the Tour will do the trick.

Image: CBS; Giphy