Cartoon Themed Snacks Will Give You Lunch FOMO

Getting kids to eat well seems like a total freaking nightmare. I once had a partner with a child, and getting that kid to eating anything remotely resembling a plant — aka anything that wasn't a plain cheese quesadilla — was an actual battle. One woman, however, seems to have cracked the kid code. This mom makes snacks that look like cartoon characters for her toddler, seemingly inspiring him to gobble it up without argument. What a role model.

Australian mom Lelah Mohmedi goes an extra mile or seven by planning her son Jacob's meals in accordance to his favorite characters in film and literature. It's proven to be an effective way to get him to easily keep up a balanced diet. Mohmedi photographs and posts her adventures in toddler culinary art via an Instagram account.

Scrolling through all the designs is pretty inspiring, but I can't help but feel it's a counterproductive effort. Again, feel free to discredit my opinion since I'm not a parent so I have not had to fight this struggle with any sort of regularity. However, I strongly suspect this practice will totally spoil Jacob to possibly make him a real picky teen and adult. If you're that heavily catered to as a child, that's gotta have some sort of lasting, negative psychological impact. (Or maybe I just want to be living Jacob's life right now. Can anybody blame me?)

But let's not worry about that now. Let's just scope out Mohmedi's masterful designs because regardless of possible repercussions, they're pretty dope. I mean:

Serious presentation props. Now I'm off to artfully lay out my depressing pre-lunch snack of corn chip crumbs and aged chickpeas. Wish me luck.

Images: jacobs_food_diaries/Instagram