Baby Says "I Love You" To Dad & It's Not The Only Time A Young Infant Has Adorably Dropped Those Three Little Words

If your day's been off to a rough start from pretty much the word go, allow me to rescue you from all your cranky, adult bitterness. (Even if only for a brief moment.) Going viral this morning is a 7-second clip of a baby boy saying "I love you" to his dad while being propped up in his lap and looking all sorts of adorable. And man, is it good, guys. Like, heart-meltingly, leave-you-in-a-puddle-of-mush good. Though babies dropping F-bombs will forever rank as my No. 1 fave thing to watch on YouTube (second only to cats in water — which you should stop everything and watch immediately), babies saying "I love you" is quickly becoming a top three contender, for sure. And I'm willing to bet you'll soon agree with me on that one.

What's probably most impressive about this little guy spouting off those three little words to his dad is that he's just 3 months old. And in case you're unfamiliar with the tiny, mysterious creatures known as babies, they don't actually do a whole lot of verbalization in those first few months. Newborn life is pretty much a heavy rotation of three main activities: sleeping, eating, and pooping more than you ever thought it was humanly possible to poop. Talking doesn't usually start until the six-month-mark or so, and even then it arrives in the form of babbling grunts and squeals — not recognizable words, much less full-fledged sentences. So yea, needless to say, uttering "I love you," at 3 months old is no small feat. And having the entire Internet watch you do it (with 1.2 million YouTube views and counting) is even more impressive.

OK now, brace yourself to be amazed by baby Ben, who after hearing his dad Ted Moskalenko say "I love you" to him several times, politely says it back — much to the shock of both his parents.

Break Clips on YouTube

Adorable, right?

While the little clip is pretty magical, it actually isn't the first time a baby has gone viral for uttering "I love you" to their mom or dad. (Not to take away anything from Ben's awesomeness, though — he's still the coolest.) Here are three other times a baby's superior verbal skills have left their parents with their jaws on the floor — and the Internet's cold heart melting.

This sweet little 2-month-old went viral back in 2012, after all of her dad's "I love you" lessons paid off.

Stephanie Passalacqua on YouTube

And this fellow 2-month-old, who eeked out his own sweeter-than-sweet "I love you" to his mom.

VidPlay on YouTube

But putting them all to shame is probably this little lady, who dropped those three letter words at just 7 weeks old. Pretty impressive.

Lockie309 on YouTube

Have your ovaries exploded yet? Mine too, my friend. Mine. Too.