You Can Go To A Spa And Bathe In Wine Now

by Madison Fraser

The beauty world has gotten pretty creative with skin and hair hacks nowadays — rubber masks, Coca-Cola shampoo, and yes, even bathing in mayo. In what is a surprise to no one, Japan has decided to add to our arsenal of bizarre beauty rituals with a spa that offers public wine baths. That's right, folks. A bath tub. Full of wine. While this may sound like your alcoholic dream come true, there's also something a bit strange about swimming in a vat of warm red wine surrounded by other tourists and children. Yes, children. Thanks to a video by HELLO! Japan, you'll see that the speciality swimming pools at the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun resort are filled with tots of all ages. I'm not sure what the safety regulations are with this, but plenty of people are splashing around engulfing the red wine that pours from overhead fountains. I guess alcohol kills germs, right? Let's hope so.

Oh, and if you're not a wine drinker, good news: There are also coffee, green tea, and sake baths. If you're not familiar with sake, it's a type of Japanese rice wine. While you may be like "Oh, what's the harm in another wine bath?" let me inform you about the alcoholic content of sake. Most people get a little tipsy off a glass of red wine, which has anywhere from a 9 to 16 precent alcoholic content depending on the type. Sake, on the other hand, is an extremely concentrated beverage with up to 20 percent alcoholic content. They don't call them sake bombs for nothing.

Look at this nugget!

The spa claims that as strange as it is to swim around in coffee or wine, these baths do have some "unique health benefits" (because of course they do). The red wine apparently "rejuvenates your body" (whatever that means) and coffee "aids you in recovery from fatigue" (because, duh, caffeine). The green tea, on the other hand, "boosts skin health and the immune system" and the sake has "anti-agining benefits." While these all sound like delightful advantages, I think I'll stick to drinking my lattes and sipping my wine in the meantime, thanks.

Images: HELLO! Japan/YouTube (2)