I Used Only Feminist Hillary Clinton Quotes On Tinder To See How Men Reacted, And Here's What Happened

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The beauty of Tinder is that you can swiftly weed out men that you aren't attracted to, or are obviously creepy — but it's also important to know which ones share your feminist beliefs before taking the time to meet them in person. No woman wants to be stuck on a horrid date with a male chauvinist — talk about a nightmare come true. So, I decided to use only feminist Hillary Clinton quotes on Tinder for a week to see how men responded to her passionate and pointed comments on gender equality and women's rights.

Gender equality is a vital part of Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, and how she fares in the polls will be an indication of how Americans feel about having a female president. Are American men ready for a strong, feminist leader? Granted, Tinder may not be the best place to talk politics, but how men respond to random pro-women statements can be a good judge of character.

I try to channel Clinton's confidence and strength in my own life as much as possible, so why not in my dating life too? It's very empowering to shut down a bro's criticisms with a feminist Clinton quote no one can argue with (I suggest trying it the next time a dude's being degrading or just plain gross). If Clinton had a Tinder, she would definitely find the most eligible bachelors, but most men weren't really into talking about her feminist agenda with me.

Check out what happened...

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