9 Face Masks With Weird But Effective Ingredients That Will Actually Transform Your Skin

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One of the first face masks I ever used was Origins' Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. I remember how weird the idea of spreading charcoal all over my face in the name of beauty seemed at the time. However, the mask's detoxifying properties helped calm and soften my inflamed skin while also reducing blackhead production around my nose. I've been a believer in the product ever since. Combined with my great fascination with and appreciation for the strange, I always kept an eye out for more face masks that seemed beautifully bizarre to me.

Now, it's not just the weird element of certain mask that I love. Discovering new and quirky masks makes me feel like I'm further delving into and unlocking a world of beauty secrets (which will undoubtedly be valuable both to my descendants as well as my own quest for immortality). There's something about using unconventional ingredients with skin benefits that is both empowering and exciting.

Besides the multiple skin benefits they promise, masks are a perfect way to make yourself feel truly pampered as you sit back and allow them to do all the dirty work for you. There are face masks for practically every skin concern and made with any herb, fruit, or vegetable you can think of. Ingredients can range from things like bee venom and wine to snail mucus and semen, and there is a certain claim to fame for all of these ingredients. For example, bee venom is supposed to lift and plump your skin, while red wine is said to be a great pore minimizer. As well as personal testimonies and my own belief in these skincare powerhouses, though, many of the benefits are lauded by scientists and skincare specialists as well.

Here are some of the more unusual face masks on the market right now. Give them a try and see their weirdly powerful benefits for yourself.

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