Is Massaging Your Face The Secret To Glowing Skin?

Most of us are no stranger to the benefits of massages: upped circulation, tension relief, and a whole lot of relaxation. What most people don't know though, is that a facial massage can get your skin glowing by providing the same advantages as a normal massage. While investing in crème de La Mer and eating avocados on the reg can give you a good glow from within, giving your face a rub down from time to time can also keep your skin looking healthy and young — and it feels great!

Stylecaster interviewed celebrity facialist Georgie Louise about the benefits of a properly executed facial massage. Louise works with everyone from Emma Stone to Anna Wintour, so you know she's gots the deets.

"The idea that you can get a facelift without surgery by massaging your face has become quite popular—so much so that is has it own name: Face Yoga,” Louise said.

Louise cited circulation as the main culprit of a glowing face (because good blood flow revives dull skin), but there are also other added benefits besides the vanity draw. Facial massages can also improve skin tone and muscle contouring, and can also alleviate headaches. Stress induces your skin to go haywire, so taking a few minutes out of your day to give yourself a facial massage will improve your mental health and physical appearance. Talk about a win-win.

To reap the full benefits, you should give yourself a facial massage like you would a back massage and use oil. Anything that won't clog your pores, such as rose oil or jojoba oil, will do the trick. If you skip the oil, your skin may end up more dry or irritated than before. Same goes for the way you apply pressure to your face.

“Begin your massage stroke routine with gentle gliding movements — the strokes must be gentle as well as stimulating,” Louise says. “Use upward strokes to give the muscles of the face a lift.”

If you have an extravagant amount of money to spend, Japanese beauty brand Tatcha even makes a gold facial massager just for this occasion. In the words of every millenial: Treat yo'self — just don't forget to eat your avocados, too.

Akari Gold Massager, $195,

Images: Courtesy Retailer (1); georgialouisesk/Instagram