University Of New Haven Gunman In Custody

On Tuesday afternoon, police took a suspected gunman into custody after he was seen approaching the University of New Haven, in Connecticut. After a witness saw him and alerted the university, everybody on campus was ordered to shelter. The suspect, described as an Asian male, was seen near the university's south campus carrying a rifle.

The university's spokesperson, Karen Grava, told press that the man was first spotted at a Shop Rite close to campus. The alleged gunman climbed out of the car carrying a rifle, and then headed in the direction of the university. Somebody noticed him and dialed 911, and police later found ammunition in the man's car. The suspect was apprehended by police whilst walking toward campus.

With the suspect in custody, police are currently conducting building searches as a safety measure.

Those on campus are being urged to stay sheltered, and several nearby public schools have gone into shelter-in-place mode. However, at least two have lifted the order at this time and are planning afternoon dismissals by directing parents to go to specific areas to pick up their children.

The University of New Haven has around 6,400 students currently enrolled. Most of the campus' 4,600 undergrads live in residence halls. The university had another brush with violence recently: One week ago, a UNH student stabbed his roommate several times.

Tuesday's incident is similar to last week's incident at Yale University, when the campus was put on lockdown after the university confirmed a gunman was on campus. Earlier in the day, someone had called to say that a gunman was coming to "shoot up the campus." Nobody was hurt, and investigators now believe it was a hoax.

(Image: @okf111/Twitter)