We'll Meet Jason's 'PLL' Doppelganger

We're getting closer and closer to the end of the Big A mystery on Pretty Little Liars, but if you thought we were done with doppelgangers and maybe-twins, well, you would be wrong. Pretty Little Liars showrunner I. Marlene King has released a SnapChat video ripe with spoilers about the upcoming season, and it includes one about a brand new character. According to King, we'll meet a new Pretty Little Liar s character named Rhys who looks a lot like Jason — and he could be a key to unlocking this whole mystery. Now the question is: Who the heck is Rhys?

Leave it to Pretty Little Liars to toss a new character at us just weeks before the Big A reveal — don't the writers know we already have more than enough A suspects to worry about?! Even though we don't exactly need any more characters to untangle this web that Charles DiLaurentis created, I will say that I am intrigued by the idea of Jason's doppelganger. Who could this twin-ish new character be? It's a total mystery right now, but there are some clues that hint at how this guy could fit into the whole story. Could his presence crack the entire mystery open?

Here are a few theories about this mysterious Rhys to mull over until the next episode:

Theory #1: He's A Relative Of Aunt Carol's

Jason and Alison's Aunt Carol was the one who visited Charles in Radley even after his father stopped, but she died what Ali and the other girls were in the tenth grade. (Unless she didn't — this is Pretty Little Liars, after all, and hardly anyone stays dead.) Perhaps this character is Aunt Carol's son or even grandson — he might be able to tell the girls exactly who she was visiting. Heck, he may have even met Charles long after he got locked away in Radley.

Theory #2: He's Jason's "Sara Harvey"

We know that Charles is obsessed with Ali — so obsessed that he had to kidnap an Ali lookalike. What if Charles did the same thing to Jason? After all, he's also Charles' sibling — perhaps Charles kidnapped a Jason doppelganger for the same purpose, and he's only coming out of the woodwork now.

Theory #3: He's Jason's Twin

Would Pretty Little Liars introduce not one, but two secret siblings? I'm not sure, but anything is possible on this show. Could Rhys be Jason's twin who was given up for adoption?

Theory #4: He's Charles DiLaurentis

It seems unlikely that Charles would be a person we've never met before, but since we know that Charles is definitely a DiLaurentis, we have to consider that he could be the elusive A. Only time will tell whether it's Rhys beneath the hoodie, but even if he's not the big bad of Pretty Little Liars, he's definitely a big piece of this puzzle. Now we just need to put every one of these pieces together. For even more clues, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast.

Editor's Note: Prior to the premiere of "FrAmed," this article spelled Rhys as Reese.

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