7 Nail Polish Alternatives To Coral And Neon Shades Because There's Never A Wrong Time To Go Metallic

No matter what season you're in, getting unique nails doesn't have to mean spending three hours perfecting a complicated nail art design from a YouTube tutorial. All you have to do is put down the coral. I get it: Summer is short and sun-kissed skin only lasts so long. Trying to figure out the best nail color to compliment your end of summer tan becomes priority. But you don't have to be stuck with one shade and one shade only.

Yes, those first few manis with bright white or coral or blue-red hues are always fun. After the third or fourth shellacking, however, I'm ready to never wear those stereotypical "summer shades" again. I mean, Wednesday Addams went to the beach in Addams Family Values, too. "Beach-ready" does not have to be a universal concept.

Picking an unconventional shade in the late summer is a quick way to freshen up your look really quick. And besides, these shades are actually kind of perfect for the time of year. All the polishes featured have luxurious shine, non-toxic formulas, and a vegan ethos, so you can look good without feeling bad about what you're putting on your body.

So mix up your mani game with these seven unconventional yet summery shades.

1. Metallic

The Money Shot Nail Polish, $15, trustfundbeauty.com

This shimmery gold with a rosy base is perfect for sultry summer nights or catching rays or whatever else you want to do in it. Fabulous nails are season-less.

2. Neutral

Dark Desert Hightway Nail Polish, $9, pacificabeauty.com

This blush-tinted greige is the perfect neutral shade that's basically nail equivalent of no-makeup makeup.

3. Green

The Spa Comes To Me Polish, $15, shopncla.com

This polish is universally flattering and the color of seaweed and green smoothies. What's more summery than that?

4. Black

Smoky Nail Polish, $18, treatcollection.com

You should have seen this coming when I mentioned Wednesday Addams. Goth babes have to live through summer, too! Goth or not, a classy black nail never goes out of style. Plus, it matches everything. The sheer-ish finish and subtle sparkle make this the perfect shade.

5. Light Pink

Pink Knickers Nail Polish, $18, butterlondon.com

Who says pastels are for spring nails only? Not me! This classic ballet slipper pink is a fresh way of making your tan pop, while avoiding any clichéd colors.

6. Deep Red

Red Ace Rose Nail Polish, $18, pritinyc.com

Eschew those fire-engine reds and brick-tinged orange-y shades for this grown up cherry hue. Dark red is practically a neutral and this shade will gracefully take you through all four seasons.

7. Navy

Inky Nail Polish, $10, occmakeup.com

Not quite black, but not quite ocean-hued either, navy is an effortlessly chic shade to sport on your nails all year long. It's also the perfect shade to pair with camel coats and gray turtlenecks as you transition to fall.

See, y'all? Just because late summer sometimes makes us want to hold onto our corals and neons doesn't mean we have no other options.

Images: Pixabay; Courtesy Brands