10 College Essentials For Seniors Who Want This Final Year Of School To Be The Best One Yet

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Your senior year of college is one that you will remember (more or less) for the rest of your life. It's a mixed bag of emotions speckled with your typical college ragers and the impending doom of not knowing how the rest of your life will look. Here are essential items for college seniors who are looking to smooth the transition between college and "real life."

This year is your last chance to make enduring memories in a place where your entire social world lives within a two-mile radius. It's also a time when you will be unbelievably busy trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life, profoundly sick of every restaurant in your neighborhood, and wondering why you ever started hanging out with some of your friends in the first place. You'll get caught up in the drama of stressed out 20-somethings with boatloads of free time. You'll get a bit burned out, for sure, whether it happens while working on your thesis, or as you're trying to make some memories as hard as you can.

But fear not, my little Class of 2016, this restlessness will pass. You'll inevitably move away to start your grown-up life, and become nostalgic like you wouldn't believe about things like your local college diner, and even those friends who drove you a little nuts. People who were with you for the weirdest and hardest of times will become family, even if they live far away.

So, in preparation for the rest of your scary, undecided life, make sure you invest in these 10 things to get you through the best of times — and the worst of times — of your final year of college.

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