Americans Want Drug Testing For Congress, Pope Francis, and Down with the TSA: In Other News

We always joke that Congress is on drugs, but it looks like the majority of Americans really want to see some proof: A new poll from HuffPo/YouGov found that 78 percent of Americans would support random drug testing for members of Congress. Sixty-six percent of Americans are also in favor of forcing a politician to resign if they're found with coke. (Oh, hiya Rob Ford!)

The poll also asked respondents to say whether they thought certain other occupational groups should be required to come in for random drug testing. The only group to win out over Congress were airline pilots, with 87 percent of respondents in favor of routine drug testing. By contrast, 71 percent of Americans support testing for professional athletes. Only 72 percent support testing for soldiers, who, you know, carry loaded guns and can often be found in morally ambiguous situations requiring snap judgements.

Coming in last (because this is a HuffPo poll) were welfare recipients: Only 64 percent of Americans polled were in favor of random drug tests for them — a measure Republicans in Congress have been trying to push since at least 2011. It makes one wonder: Would they be just as keen on submitting to drug tests themselves? Maybe not, as Tarry Radel (R-Fla.) showed us a couple of weeks ago, when he was busted on coke charges — after voting for drug tests for welfare recipients.

Meanwhile Tuesday, everyone thinks America's making like Detroit and becoming a failing nation, even Americans.

This dude wants to abolish the TSA because American airports are definitely the worst.

A new male contraceptive could be on the horizon: scientists have figured out how to block sperm during the, um, crucial moment.

News that won't leave you in stitches: A little sew-up job at the hospital now costs $500. You can't even really DIY that sort of thing.

Pope Francis seems to have a penchant for sneaking out at night and helping the homeless, sources say. I'm seeing a Batman spinoff here — just switch out Gotham City for Vatican City, and let the Il Papa take his Popemobile for a spin.

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