15 College Dorm Essentials For Book Lovers, Because Your Love Of Reading Knows No Bounds

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You're making a list, checking it twice — no, it's not Christmas, but it is almost time for school, and you can't go back to campus without a adding a few college dorm essentials for bookworms to your packing list. After all, college is a great time to express your devotion to books through your own personal style. Sure, you have the back-to-school wardrobe staples packed, you pre-ordered your textbooks, and you've stocked up on microwavable noodle cups — but as a bibliophile, you owe it to yourself to make sure your dorm room and school supplies are fully decked out in bookish style.

From the poster over your bed to the socks on your feet, here are 15 things that every book lover needs before heading back to school this fall.

Image: Olde Book Pillow Classics, $17.99-24.99, ThinkGeek

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