Bethany Wants To Vlog Until She's A Senior Citizen

by Stephanie Chon

While many beauty YouTubers and fashion bloggers have left behind their personal projects to launch businesses, one successful vlogger promises to never stop what first launched her into stardom. Beauty superstar Bethany Mota vowed to make videos until she's 60 years old. Yup, you read that right! In an interview with Ad Week, Mota mentioned how she never really expected to create a stable career from her hobby, but she is super thankful to her loyal subscribers and promises to, "make videos until I'm 60, if you guys want to watch them!"

The internet sensation started out on the online video platform when she was only 13 years old, and I strongly believe the secret to her success is from her mentality. Mota shared, "I've never focused so much on the view count or subscribers. I've always just wanted to create content for my existing subscribers instead of focusing on how many more people I can get to my channel." Now, she is on her way to receiving the "Diamond Play Button" achievement, which is awarded to YouTubers who have reached 10 million subscribers.

If you're one of those huge Bethany Mota fans that lives and breathes her awesome and adorable DIY fashion and makeup videos, you'll be happy to know that she will be going on a huge road trip across the states to hold meet-and-greets! Her first stop will be New York, but be sure to stay tuned to find out where she'll be traveling to next.

Images: bethanynoelm/Instagram (2)