See 'Catching Fire,' 'White House Down,' 'The Purge,' & Every Other 2013 Movie All in 6 Minutes

If you were, for whatever reason, tuned out from the movie world this entire year — perhaps you were living under a rock, or were immersed in watching the entire series of Breaking Bad for the hell of it — I have good news. No need to look through YouTube and watch a trailer for every single movie you missed this entire year, because someone's already done the work for you, and jam-packed them all into one six-minute video. Via The Sleepy Skunk on YouTube, this clip is literally a supercut of every movie trailer from 2013: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, White House Down, The Purge, The Great Gatsby...I could go on and on. They're all here!

Not to mention, the video is put together rather nicely, as well. It runs at just over six and a half minutes (not bad at all considering theater owners are now complaining that trailers for one movie are too long), and features three tracks to set the cinematic mood: A Jay Z track, a Swedish House Mafia track, and “The Opening” by François Paul Aïche for The Fifth Estate.

That said, though, I've got to wonder: How long did it possibly take someone to put this video together? How many times did they have to watch each the trailer, particularly the shitty ones, to pinpoint the exact scenes he wanted to use? Who has this much time on their hands? Considering how well done this clip is, clearly someone with a lot of talent — and a lot of patience.

You can check out the clip below.

Sleepy Skunk on YouTube

Image: Lionsgate