Flynn Skye's 'Basics' Collection Is Super Chic & Comfortable, Plus 7 Items We Need Right Now

Great news everyone: Flynn Skye is releasing a new collection called Basics, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. The brand, which is mostly known for its super playful, bohemian pieces, is now applying its signature style to the fall collection while focusing on the cut and fit of each piece. The collection, which ranges between $80 to $203, consists of 13 super simple, yet sexy pieces including tanks, tops, an everyday dress, and a multi-use skirt that are all totally chic and made for all occasions.

Although the line may be called "Basics," it takes the comfy tank or relaxed dress to a new level and features all solid colors perfect for the fashion minimalist. It's absolutely gorgeous in every way. If there's one thing that I've admired about this brand, it's Flynn Skye's ability to continuously define the look and feel of California lifestyle and wardrobe through its pieces. I completely applaud the owner and creator, Amber Farr, for furthermore emphasizing that with the newest collection.

Flynn Skye Basics completely nails that relaxed vibe, but stays true to the brand's understated sexy demeanor. Because of this perfect balance it's captured, I'm beyond ecstatic to buy some pieces from the collection.

The only problem: where do I even start? From the flowy high-waisted pants to the flirty jumpsuit, it's sort of impossible to pick and choose.

In any case, here are the 7 items that I seriously need from the new collection.

1. Gorgeous Blue Slip Dress

This super simple, relaxed dress would be perfect for any occasion, whether it's a day at the beach or a cute dinner date. LOVE.

2. Olive Green Mini Skirt

How cute is this skirt? I could match it with just about everything in my closet right about now.

3. Earthy Jumpsuit

The earthy jumpsuit is totally carefree, elegant, and super sexy. I definitely need this for my fall wardrobe.

4. High-Waisted Burgundy Pants

I'm completely in love with these burgundy high-waisted pants. As a frequent high-waisted pants wearer, I'm seriously digging this look.

5. White Top And Shorts

This white top and shorts ensemble is the entire definition of classy meets sexy.

6. Comfy, Cozy Sweater

I really enjoy the burgundy incorporated in this collection. The comfy, cozy sweater is perfect for those cool, fall days.

7. White Blazer

Finally, the white blazer clearly needs no explanation. You could always use a white blazer in your closet no matter what season, amirite?

Flynn Skye Basics will officially be available on July 28. Get excited, everyone!

Images: Flynn Skye