Vicki Takes Jabs At Meghan's Marriage On 'RHOC'

If you've watched the any of the past nine seasons of Real Housewives of Orange County , you know Vicki Gunvalson is a huge cheerleader for making money and working. One of the many reasons I love her. Another reason I love Vicki is because she often refuses to back down from her convictions, even when she probably should seriously pump the breaks. Both of these things occurred in one argument on Monday's episode when Vicki got heated about making your own money and not spending your husband's while in Tahiti, and I was just as excited as Tamra was to find a bathroom at the pearl shop.

The argument all stemmed from Heather trying on a (pretty ugly, in my opinion) necklace at a pearl shop in Tahiti. The necklace was $49,000 and someone joked about how she should just buy it, which started a conversation of how the women pay for expensive items. Do they ask their husbands if they can make such a large purchase? Do they "discuss" it? Do they just say "screw it, here's the AmEx"?

Well, Vicki's take on the entire conversation of money is if you don't work and you don't have a paycheck, you need to ask before making a large purchase. I'm not married, but I know that money is a point of contention for a lot of married couples, so I think any type of discussion is a good idea, and that's the unmarried millennial's take on that topic.

Vicki is used to earning her money. She's worked at her insurance firm for years and years and has become a very successful insurance career. She's also very used to defending that to other people. I think Vicki's work ethic is so admirable, and should not be glossed over. She's worked hard for her money and really deserves acknowledgement for how far she's come and how much she's accomplished.

But, Vicki shouldn't be shaming people for how they choose to live their life with their husbands. And while I don't think Vicki was trying to shame Meghan, her delivery didn't come off as supportive in any way.

After the women dispersed from the pearl shop, the women got into the discussion about Meghan's past work experience. Meghan, who quit her job after marrying Jim, received a lot of shade from Vicki for quitting her job and not going back to work. Vicki did her "I just don't understand" thing — one of my personal favorite Vicki Gunvalson tactics — which Meghan obviously didn't appreciate.

Then Vicki took the comments a little too far —yes, there's still a line to cross, and she found it — by taking a jab at Jimmy and Meghan's marriage in her talking head. Vicki asks, rhetorically, "What is [Meghan] going to do when Jimmy moves on to wife number four?" It's a low blow, no matter what, and feels a little unfair considering the two haven't even been married three months at the time of filming.

So Vicki, you can have these opinions, you can voice these opinions, but just know that other people have other opinions. Even if someone else chooses to live a life you "don't understand," it doesn't mean it's wrong... it's just not right for you, perhaps. What I'm trying to say is WE CAN ALL BE FRIENDS, VICKI!