10 Vegetarian Christmas Recipes Even Carnivores Will Love

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Around the holidays, being a vegetarian can have you feeling like you’ve been put on the naughty list. Glazed ham, roast turkey, and bacon-trimmed appetizers are stocked aplenty as you stare down the barrel of yet another boring green salad. In the face of so much seasonal excess, it is simply an injustice for anybody to feel so deprived. And so what do we have say to the boring green salad? Not on our watch.

We kick things off with fondue, because — let’s be real — who doesn’t love a pot full of hot, melty cheese? Then we move on to bigger bites, like Brussels sprout latkes, and beet gnocchi with goat cheese. And, sure, we’ve gone and thrown a salad into the mix as well. Because we are irreverent. And because our salad is better than yours. Keep reading for 10 vegetarian Christmas recipes that even the most carnivorous of carnivores will enjoy. And, if you’re still hungry after that, check out our cookies. Because cookies are vegetarian.

Image: Family Fresh Cooking

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