10 Vegetarian Christmas Recipes Even Carnivores Will Love

Around the holidays, being a vegetarian can have you feeling like you’ve been put on the naughty list. Glazed ham, roast turkey, and bacon-trimmed appetizers are stocked aplenty as you stare down the barrel of yet another boring green salad. In the face of so much seasonal excess, it is simply an injustice for anybody to feel so deprived. And so what do we have say to the boring green salad? Not on our watch.

We kick things off with fondue, because — let’s be real — who doesn’t love a pot full of hot, melty cheese? Then we move on to bigger bites, like Brussels sprout latkes, and beet gnocchi with goat cheese. And, sure, we’ve gone and thrown a salad into the mix as well. Because we are irreverent. And because our salad is better than yours. Keep reading for 10 vegetarian Christmas recipes that even the most carnivorous of carnivores will enjoy. And, if you’re still hungry after that, check out our cookies. Because cookies are vegetarian.

Image: Family Fresh Cooking

Goat Cheese Fondue with Fried Sage

Let’s start strong with something great and mighty. Melted cheese — that’ll do the trick. This goat cheese fondue from How Sweet It Is geniusly features a fried sage garnish. Pick up a loaf of crusty bread (and maybe a few fresh veggies), and have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Mini Quiches with Jerusalem Artichokes and Chives

Quiche has a breakfasty reputation but, in truth, it’s fair game all day long. While all your relatives are gnawing on drumsticks, you’ll be daintily munching on these sweet little mini quiches from What’s Cooking Good Looking. Sharing is optional.

Image: What’s Cooking Good Looking

Beet Gnocchi with Mustard Sauce and Goat Cheese

Plain old potato gnocchi gets a holiday update with this recipe from Naturally Ella. The flavors are so seasonal and the colors so festive.

Image: Naturally Ella

Lentil Mushroom Walnut Balls with Cranberry Pear Sauce

These lentil mushroom walnut balls from Oh She Glows are a delightful play on meatballs. They’re full of nutrition and are perfect fare for a vegetarian holiday feast.

Image: Angela Liddon

Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts, Blue Cheese, and Cranberries

Brussels sprout season is still going strong. Make your next sprout dish fancier than ever before with this recipe from Family Fresh Cooking — first the sprouts are roasted in maple syrup and then they’re topped with dried cranberries, crumbled blue cheese, and toasted walnuts. Meat? Meat who?

Image: Family Fresh Cooking

Baked Saffron Falafel

Chickpeas are a great source of vegetarian protein, and these falafel from Green Kitchen Stories are a tasty way to put them to good use. The saffron in this recipe officially makes these Special Occasion Falafel. Merry Christmas to you!

Image: Green Kitchen Stories

Pumpkin Spiced Brown Rice Tempeh and Cranberry Salad

This pretty little salad from Averie Cooks has all the great flavors of the harvest — including pumpkin spice and cranberry. The hearty tempeh, brown rice, and sauteed veggies will keep you full and happy — no meat needed.

Image: Averie Cooks

Curried Cauliflower Soup

A warm bowl of soup is the sweatpants of wintertime eating. Go home for the holidays with this curried cauliflower soup from Cookie + Kate.

Image: Cookie + Kate

Brie, Apple, and Pomegranate Crostinis

Small bites and appetizers are an important part of holiday fare. Skip the bacon-wrapped scallops, the paté, and the shrimp cocktail this year and snack on these brie, apple, and pomegranate crostinis from The Healthy Foodie. You are so smart.

Image: The Healthy Foodie

Brussels Sprouts Latkes

Fried Brussels sprout latkes? Joy to the world! Slather these latkes in maple mustard yogurt to make all your vegetarian holiday dreams come true. (via What’s Cooking Good Looking)

Image: What’s Cooking Good Looking