11 Cattoos That All Cat Lovers Will Want In Ink

Life is pretty short and to be real, many of the choices we make in it are inconsequential. Not to say you should approach the whole shindig as nihilistically as that sentiment smacks, but there are certainly a few arenas you should feel OK approaching in a relaxed way. One of these arenas is tattoos. Not everyone will agree with me here, and others still might point at my stick-and-poke alligator as reason enough to never take any advice I give ever. Anyway, if you're still reading, please know there exist some excellent, classy cat tattoo options. And you should consider them, because not only YOLO but also, ~whatever~. Chances are you might one day feel less enthused about nautical stars or hummingbirds, but cats? Cats are forever.

Also, cat people are forever — or at least they should be. At least cat people are the only people worth dating (as science has already proved). Why not let other daters out there in the world immediately identify your serious worth as a person to date? The easiest way to alert these folks is via permanent ink on your body. Trust me. It doesn't have to be Felix the Cat to get the message across that you love cats and you're an excellent romantic partner. Let's scope some minimalist and classy cat tattoo designs now so you see what I mean:

The barely-there cat

It's subtle, elegant, and timeless. Plus, if you can squint and tilt your head, it could look like the following: a yam, a big chin, a blurry constellation. See? That way it's versatile. You're welcome for the genius plan.

The maxin' and relaxin' cat

Yeahhh maaan.

The gang cat

I am obsessed with this one. They look like they're finishing up a very important meeting. Those tiny paws!

The dream-catcher cat

This helps convey both a feline fascination and total trust in the stars. Perhaps you cleanse your crystals in the rejuvenating full moonlight or perhaps you regularly torch the astrological forecast of your local alt-weekly. Whatever works — I don't know your life. But I do know this is a hella cute design.

The ...IDK cat

IDK much, but I know love it.

The secret cat

Whispering in your ear!!

The silhouette cat

Similar to the secret cat yet more mysterious.

The punk cat

Any Descendents fans in the proverbial house?

The eff-you cat

He has a sneaky little smile, sure, but he's also living on a middle finger, so. Choose your own adventure with that on.

The edgy cat

Get it? Geometry! Edges! ...sorry.

The true love cat

I mean the wrist tat. Though, honestly, all of these are good. Don't worry — you've got your whole body to cover in #cattoos. I believe in you.

Image: renterkm/Instagram