Ladies Bravely Let Their Moms Pick Their Hairstyle

If there is one person I do not want making decisions, executive or otherwise, regarding my hair, it's my mom. BuzzFeed asked three moms to choose their daughter's hairstyles for a video, and I applaud the younger women for their courage. Their reactions were hilarious, from "I feel like a horse" to "Ew!," and the results were certainly unique and mixed.

I really do respect these three daughters, who each had hair of different types and textures, for letting their moms go ham. I couldn't.

When I was growing up, my mom hated my poker straight hair... the kind of straight hair that my Catholic grade school and high school friends eventually paid for! Mom encouraged me to get perms, both home and salon-administered, since "that's the style" and lots of girls my age did. So I did what I was told.

She liked curls and updos. I preferred my hair to frame my face, straight and down, and still do.

So yes, I was flooded with anxiety when watching this video — thanks, Buzzfeed! — trying to think what choice my own mom would make. I'd bet a grip of cash that she'd have gone for half-up, half-down, off my face, and with lots of loose curls. Ugh. So. Not. Me.

How did these ladies fare? Well, they gave themselves up for the sake of Buzzfeed's experiment. It didn't seem like any of these ladies truly co-signed their mom-approved 'dos.

The mother of this dark-haired beauty wanted something high fashion but cool.

Her emphasis was on "high fashion."

Mom felt the result was very "Alicia Keys," while the daughter felt like a horse with a huge mane or an Avatar character, since it was so out of the ordinary. Her reaction was that she looked like an I Love Lucy character in need of a polka dot dress. I can see that and the A. Keys reference.

This shiny-haired lovely admitted that she cuts her hair once a year, while her mom wanted a "Katie Holmes bob," which is sorta like her own.

She looked super young before the mom-appointed style.

Mom loved the bob, saying her little girl looked 17! "It’s so short," said the daughter. She came across as youthful with both styles. But I preferred her with longer hair.

This blonde cutie noted that her mom made her look like Snooki, while mom admitted a love of the '80s. Ouch! Mom said she prefers a side part and Hollywood glam from the ‘40s.

Mom is not about the center part. At all.

"Whoa! That is long!" was how mom reacted. The daughter's response? "Ew! If Jessica Rabbit had a really wannabe little sister who was blonde… or like Miss Universe, but like back in the '70s."

At least they were good sports. Personally, I am sure that I could not give up control of my hair to my mom because I know she'd go for pulled back and curly, which is like my worst nightmare.

Watch the video fun unfold below.

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