'Glee's Invited All Of Its Originals Back For Its 100th Episode, Amber Riley Officially Booked

So Glee is nearing its 100th episode, which is a thing that makes us feel super old and like the world is new all at the same time. This show nearing its 100th episode also means, of course, that they're trying to make the occasion as grand as possible. So who's coming back for Glee 's 100th? If Ryan Murphy has his way, everyone. Murphy made an announcement sure to excite some Glee fans via Twitter Tuesday morning, writing that "ALL The Glee Originals received invites today to be in our 100th episode! More to follow (sic)." He then followed this up with that recent Dancing With the Stars winner and frequent badass Amber Riley is confirmed to be making a return appearance, and tweeted later that Mark Salling is also confirmed.

What I'm wondering is if, when Murphy says "ALL the Glee Originals," he means everyone who took up frequent occupation of the choir room in season one. Because we can certainly expect that Dianna Agron and Harry Shum Jr. got that call or email this morning — but what about Dijon Talton, who played Matt "Shaft" Rutherford in Season 1 and was, along with Shum, the New Directions' resident dancer?

Glee's had to do some pretty interesting and sad hoop-jumping this season to accommodate the obvious tragedy that occurred before the season's start. Given that, and the fact that former Brittany S. Pierce Heather Morris has as of yet shown no signs of returning to the show, it'll be interesting to see what variety of faces they cobble together for their 100th episode spectacular.

And do you ever think we'll see Terri's face again?

Image: Fox