15 Books That Are So Much Fun, You’ll Laugh, Swoon, Cheer, and Generally Just Have a Good Time

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Between your college required reading list and the tendency towards “serious fiction” that afflicts the bestseller lists, your might notice that your bookshelf is getting a little dreary lately. Long gone are the days when you could get praise from adult figures for devouring books about schools for wizards, wish-granting djinn, and perfect hero-full happy endings.

But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck reading nothing but miserable novels about the miserable state of affairs of our world, or those plotless surrealist books with meandering, “quirky” protagonists who do lots of slightly insane things, and then existentially cry about it. There are plenty of “grown-up” books that are super-fun, but don’t mince on the smarts. And some of them even still have magic in them!

There’s satire with a social crit bend, zany mysteries that explore the limits of the power of the human mind, and even space-faring, fantastical adventures that force you to rethink how your own society might be different. YA and kids' books don’t have the monopoly on fun anymore. In fact, fun is often the way to the freshest ideas — and plenty of authors of all backgrounds are writing fantastic stuff that'll make you have a great time while you read. So, put down that pristine copy of War & Peace that you just know you'll get through this time, and give some of the books on this list a try.

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