How To Wear Fall Florals Without Looking Absurd

by Tyler Atwood

Amongst the trademarks of summer style are gossamer white frocks perfect for picnics, artfully distressed denim cutoffs that beg to be worn for cookouts, and of course, brilliantly blooming floral designs that fit just about any warm weather occasion. Summer is far from finished, but as stores begin to stock their cozy fall wares, one question looms large in the minds of the fashion-addicted: can you wear florals in the fall? Much to the relief of those who aren't ready to part with their bold blooms just yet, the answer is a resounding yes.

However, sporting autumn florals is a different endeavor than dressing in playful summer prints featuring flowers. If you dare to wear florals in the fall, they better not be neon, pastel, or otherwise seasonally unsuitable. So how do celebrities, bloggers, and street style stars manage to cling to their floral threads well into November? The key is utilizing the correct cocktail of color, pattern, fabric weight, and accessories to announce to the world you're well aware of the season. Instead of saying au revoir to your besottedness with blossoms, read on for exactly how to sport florals in the fall with a dash of panache.

1. Keep Skin Under Cover

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As tempted as you may be to rock your floral frock into the fall, the weather doesn't necessary permit such decisions. In lieu of sporting your sleeveless or strapless florals on the town in autumn, choose pieces that are long-sleeved or floor-grazing to ensure you don't suffer frostbite for fashion. Emma Stone's Dolce & Gabbana gown is perfectly suited to crisp weather thanks to its wrist-length sleeves.

2. Dive Into Deep Hues

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Instead of reaching for your go-to neon and pop-of-color florals for fall, instead stock up on floral patterns featuring deeper, more intense shades to lend seasonal dimension to your wardrobe. Copper, oxblood, plum, moss, and noir are key autumnal hues that appear especially striking in fall floral patterns.

3. Get Your Stockings On

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Don't assume you're required to retire every single one of your floral sundresses the second the calendar turns from August to September. In fact, popping a pair of stockings under a frock with dark or subdued florals can transform a summer staple into a perfectly pretty fall ensemble.

4. Get Graphic With Patterns

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Summer florals can be as simple as a smattering of roses on a white fit-and-flare frock, but autumn's cornucopia of muted hues and moodier weather calls for edgier wares. Try an avant-garde graphic floral print instead of a standard pastel watercolor pattern for an autumn-appropriate look. Take after Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael and sport an eye-popping optical print with luxe leather accents.

5. Keep Your Pants On

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Floral minis possess an innately summery vibe, but bloom-printed pants are quite another story. Pair floral trousers in an understated palette with a neutral blouse and blazer for an autumn-ready office ensemble. Follow Cat Deeley's lead and take black and white floral trousers for a test drive this fall.

6. Live On The Edge With Your Accessories

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If your floral frock is reading a bit too twee for the season, pair it with edgy, statement accessories. A pair of black motorcycle boots, a studded leather clutch,or hammered metal jewelry will transition your florals into autumn.

7. Layer Up... And Just Add Leather

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A thickly knit fisherman sweater, an elegantly knotted wool scarf, and an oversized menswear-style blazer will do wonders in transforming a sweet, summery frock into a fall-ready getup. And when in doubt over how to bundle floral apparel for autumn, never underestimate the power of a worn-in-leather jacket. Designers including Ralph Lauren adore showcasing layered looks for fall featuring snug sweaters, rich floral-printed chiffon skirts, and leather outerwear.

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