Lady Gaga Rocks Bleached Brows

It takes a lot of work to keep your eyebrows on fleek. Lady Gaga bleached her eyebrows to once again kick the beauty trend up a notch, and it isn't the first time she's gotten adventurous with the hair above her eyes. From colors to chains and everything in between, Gaga has given her favorite feature more than one makeover this summer, but her latest look is taking it back to the basics.

The singer took to Instagram to show off a bleached style that matched her hair in a no makeup selfie that looked as gorgeous as ever. Although the star is stunning in her social media pic, this look is not something her fans are used to seeing. Gaga's brows are one of her most prized possessions and she uses her creativity to show it.

I'm willing to bet that she could give even Cara Delevingne a run for her money with those brows. Whether they're bedazzled or just dyed a different color, Gaga uses her eyebrows to make for some of the most artistic makeup creations out there. But I will admit that it's nice to see her take her brows back to the all-blonde look that her fans are used to and show her au natural side for a change.

Although no one can deny Gaga's natural beauty, it's fun to see her experiment with her makeup in new and different ways. The singer has the ability to transform her brows into an accessory by dressing them up and constantly changing her look. Not only does she try out a variety of shapes, but she creates her own unique shapes to constantly keep people guessing what she'll do next.

1. Geographic Designs

The graphic liner is one of the hottest makeup trends, but Gaga takes it up a notch with four layers of fabulous sparkles.

2. Bedazzled

She took an exaggerated approach to a normal look with a line of dark colored jewels just above her natural arch.

3. Mix-And-Match

Gaga has never been one to conform to ideal beauty standards, and this style proves it.

4. Beaded

Matching her earrings, Gaga piled on the beads for a stand out red carpet look.

5. Dark And Thin

The thin painted on arch matches perfectly with her thick liner and dark lip.

6. Extra Accessories

One eyebrow ring wasn't enough for Gaga. She wanted to pile them on for a more untraditional look.

7. Bright and Bold

She played up Old Hollywood glamour with extra-bold stick on jewels to elevate her on-stage look.

Whether she's keeping her look natural or playing around with sparkles and jewels, Gaga knows how to rock her brows with confidence.