Fall In Love With The Perfect Light Fall Scarf

With summer still sizzling, it is almost impossible to think about adding layers to an outfit (because it's THAT HOT right now). However, the heat will be beat soon enough and when the temperatures start to drop, I'll be feeling those light scarves for fall!

According to Elle, the fall 2015 trends will consist of stellar sartorial selections. Black boots will be all the rage, as well as high waists, plaid pieces, shades of grey, and lady loafers. But what I'm most excited about are the scarves. Although scarves in general are trending, skinny scarves are specifically a staple for fall. If you tend to get overwhelmed by too much "bunch" around your neck like me, then you should currently be thanking designer labels like Gucci and Marc by Marc Jacobs for bringing back the skinny scarf. Yas is all I have to say!

But we won't just limit ourselves to one style. More than skinny scarves, fall weather allows for generally simple scarves. The kind you can throw on with whatever you're wearing! You can find scarves that are light in weight, comfy and cozy, fabulous in fabric, or perfect in print and color. Basically, there's no need to stick to just one style when you have room in your closet (or cubby hole, rather, if you live in New York) for more!

Here are a few options for your fall fashion desires, similar to your favorite designers pieces, except these don't require forfeiting two months rent!

1. Noteworthy Navy

Urban Outfitters, $14

2. Cotton Cool Neckerchief

J Crew, $22

3. Color Block Blanket

Aritzia, $85

Because why can't a blanket be a scarf?!

4. Geo Carpet Scarf

Aritzia, $75

If we're already wearing blankets, might as well go for the rugs too! Maybe shower curtains will be in next season?

5. Silky Square Scarf

Urban Outfitters, $14

6. Hello Herringbone

Asos, $33

So, whether you want to be bundled up or chill and cool this fall, there's a scarf for you!

Images: Courtesy Brands