Is Taylor Recording A New Song With Calvin Harris?

Another day, another T. Swift rumor: According to a Mirror article published on Sunday, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are recording a new song together. Scratch that, they're "plotting" to release "a worldwide No. 1 smash duet" together! Well, allegedly, anyway. The Mirror reports "a source told the Daily Star Sunday" that the pair "have been speaking about collaborating since they started dating" earlier this year. They purportedly asked R&B producer Detail — one of the hit-makers behind Beyoncé and Jay Z's massive 2013 single, "Drunk In Love" — to help craft the track, which could supposedly premiere at the upcoming 2015 American Music Awards.

"Musically, Calvin and Taylor are from different worlds," the source reportedly said, "but they are determined to bring their styles together." Sounds pretty cool, right? Right... but I don't think we should get too excited about it just yet. While I would never rule out the possibility of a "Tayvin" collab happening at some point in the future, there are several pieces of info here that just don't smell right to me.

For starters, neither Swift nor Harris is expected to release new music anytime soon — they both dropped their latest albums less than a year ago. (The "standard" for many mainstream artists is to release a new LP every two years or so, but, of course, it varies.) Additionally, I think Swift may be too busy to hit the recording studio at the moment — she's currently on her wildly successful 1989 World Tour, remember?

Finally, why would the couple bring in Detail to produce their new jam? He's extremely talented, sure, but Swift is an award-winning songwriter and Harris is an award-winning DJ/producer — don't they kind of have the whole "making music" thing covered already? True, they've both teamed up with co-writers and co-producers in the past, but, looking at Detail's discography, he appears to have little to no experience working in the pop or EDM genres, which I think makes him an odd choice. As I said, something just doesn't smell right.

Look, music is no doubt a huge part of both Swift and Harris' lives, so I wouldn't be surprised if they end up collaborating eventually — I just think we should hold back our excitement until we receive some sort of official confirmation. Otherwise, I suspect we'll be let down. Stay strong, pop music lovers! The wait continues... I think.

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