What If Keith Mars & Alicia Fennel Stayed Together On 'Veronica Mars'? Everything Would Change

I know it wasn't the longest-lasting romance in the world, but I actually really liked the idea of Keith Mars and Alicia Fennel together in Veronica Mars . Sure Alicia had her problems with Veronica (but you know, Veronica deserved her annoyance and anger at times), but Keith and Alicia made each other happy, way happier than Mrs. Mars made Keith, that's for sure. Plus it made Wallace and Veronica squirm, which was also really fun. But what if Wallace and Veronica were onboard with the idea? What if Mrs. Mars never came back into the picture? What if Alicia and Keith actually could have made it work? How would that affect Veronica and the series as a whole?

First and most importantly, it would be really wonderful to see Keith happy and have a full family. That's genuinely the most important reason that it would be amazing to see Alicia and Keith together because for a time, they really did make each other so happy. But there is some kind of strange Mars family luck that when things are going smoothly in one area of their lives, everything else has to fall down around them. Would that have happened if Alicia and Keith stayed together? Would it have affected Veronica and Wallace's friendship?

1. Wallace Would Be More Heavily Suspected In Veronica's Actions

Think about it, if Wallace and Veronica became step-siblings, there's no way the school officials or any of Veronica's enemies wouldn't automatically be suspicious of him. They would absolutely assume he was involved in all of Veronica's actions, even though he was usually just providing support as Veronica secretly caused all kinds of trouble (in the best way).

2. Alicia Might Have Been Put In Danger

Keith Mars has been in many dangerous situations, including the hit and run from the Veronica Mars movie. If he and Alicia were still together, there's no doubt in my mind that his enemies (and maybe even Veronica's) would go after the whole family just to threaten Keith into silence.

3. Wallace And Veronica Would Have Been Even Closer

There are many positives to this situation. For one, I think it would have brought Wallace and Veronica even closer as friends and potentially as siblings if their parents got married. Perhaps Wallace would have been treated even more as an equal on Veronica's level and they would have remained a great crime-solving team (with Mac's help, of course).

4. Wallace Would Be Even More Adventurous

As much as I love Wallace and as loyal and brave as he is, I always thought he was a little too cautious at times. He was always worried about getting caught while Veronica was off doing anything to solve a case. I think if Alicia and Keith stayed together and the four of them became a family, even more of Veronica's brazenness could have rubbed off on Wallace. To that end, maybe some of Wallace's cautiousness could have rubbed off on Veronica as well... but probably not.

5. Alicia Would Fill Veronica's Need For A Mother Figure

I truly believe this is the most important positive to come out of an Alicia and Keith relationship and potential marriage (aside from Keith being happy, which again would have been absolutely wonderful). Maybe Alicia could have finally filled a role that was truly missing in Veronica's life as she was becoming an adult. Maybe it could have helped her had better relationships with people and significant others. I still think she would have ended up with Logan either way (LoVe), but maybe things wouldn't have been as complicated and painful as they were for our girl.

And that's what everyone wants for Veronica, right?

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