'The Night Before' Will Be Bizarre In The Best Way

Who knew a holiday-themed bro fest is what we all needed in our lives? It might seem like it’s way too early in the year to be thinking about Thanksgiving, but after watching the hilarious trailer for The Night Before, you’ll definitely be in the holiday spirit — but in a totally crazy way. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie are an odd combination of friendship dysfunction with a healthy helping of bizarre. Strangely enough, the trio’s crazy antics are the most appealing aspect of this trailer, along with all of The Night Before ’s unbelievable celebrity cameos. Amongst the star-studded cast are Miley Cyrus, Mindy Kaling, Cindy Kaplan... and there’s even the possibility of a Yeezy appearance. Nov 25, where are you already?!

Anyway, if you thought Rogen and James Franco’s The Interview left you wearing an expression of utter confusion (in the best way possible, of course), then prepare to experience the same level of befuddlement with this nearly three-minute trailer. (Seriously, I went from shaking my head to scrunching my eyebrows in disbelief and confusion.) But, no matter how amazingly bizarre this trailer is, one thing’s for certain – these three ride-or-die comrades are totally hilarious in the weirdest way possible.

Here are seven of the most bizarre moments from The Night Before trailer:

1. Their Big Piano Routine

Strange, but hilarious. This is like Big all over again!

2. This Cemetery Scene

Now I’ve certainly heard of pouring out a little liquor for the fallen homies, but for your parents?

3. This Mug

What's totally bizarre is the fact that he appears to be thrilled about receiving it as a Christmas gift.

4. The Wu-Tang Onesie

Not weird, just adorable.

5. When He Tries Not Being Weird

Uh, yeah…that’s not working.

6. This Drug-Induced Convo With A Wise Man

A chill session in the manger? Totally normal thing to do.

7. When He Mistakes This Sheep For a Dog

As one does, I guess?

Check out the full trailer below:

Images: Sony Pictures Entertainment /YouTube (11)