'Below Deck' Season 3 Cast Will Include Old & New Faces Ready To Bring The Drama

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Last Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City caught me off guard. Not because of how emotional and sentimental it was — although that got me, too — but because during one of the commercial breaks, a teaser for Season 3 of Below Deck , which returns Aug. 25, suddenly appeared on my TV screen. The only appropriate reaction to something like this is a squeal, which I promptly gave, I kid you not. Once I got out all of my jubilation, it was on to the next order of business: wondering about who will appear on Season 3 of Below Deck .

Casting for a show like Below Deck is essential, because all of the fun is seeing the drama, discipline, and hook-ups that go on, well, below deck. Somehow Bravo has managed to have casting for Below Deck be on point for its first two seasons. Let's hope the third continues that streak.

By the looks of it, Bravo has another winning cast on its hands. The crew is a good mix of returning fan favorites and newbies who look like they're going to rock the boat. Here's why the Season 3 cast of Below Deck may just be the best one yet.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

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