This Corgi Puppy Going Down Stairs Is An Adorable Little Diva, Plus 6 Other Cute Corgi Fails — VIDEO

In this video of a corgi going down the stairs (or, more accurately, trying, whining, failing, then refusing to continue to go down the stairs), you have to imagine that Peanut Butter (that's the corgi's name, and it's adorable) is a stand-in for all of us. You know how when you're a kid and your mom writes you a note to bring to gym class, like "Please excuse Jamie from class today" (or you forge it, because f*ck gym)? I feel like this video is now my adult version of that note. Like, "Jamie, you need to have these forms in by the 13th," and I'll just send this video along to say, "No. Can't. Don't have the inclination or ability. This task you have set before me is daunting and confusing and I just don't want to. So how about I just look at you adorably and then go back to what I was doing instead?" That would totally work, right? Like, I can't imagine that backfiring on me spectacularly at all.

But seriously. Peanut Butter can't, guys. He just can't even, bless his precious little corgi heart and his stumpy, uncooperative little corgi legs. Just look at the poor hapless dude...

Alvin Hsu on YouTube

But then I began to do some research (aka I fell into a YouTube black hole) and realized that corgis may just be preternaturally klutzy.

Exhibit A: This corgi who thinks she's playing with a ball...

Fia The Corgi on YouTube

Exhibit B: This corgi gracelessly flopping into water (in a life vest... ... yeah, it's pretty adorbs)

geddesd21 on YouTube

Exhibit C: This pack of corgis who think a camera is food (it's not food, little corgi puppies--it will give you a tummy ache)

Goro@Welsh corgi on YouTube

Exhibit D: This corgi who thinks she's Pam Anderson on Baywatch but she can't run at all (don't worry, little corgi, this is what I look like when I run, too)

Danny Mercado on YouTube

Exhibit E: This corgi who doesn't know what a treadmill is or how it works

Bandit The Corgi on YouTube

Exhibit F: As in "Fail" — this corgi completely fails about being a dog when confronted with a cat

JukinVideo on YouTube

So: elegant they may not be, corgis do have the advantage of being ridiculously adorable, which carries them through a lot of situations that they are otherwise unable to handle on their own.

Images: YouTube