You Won't Believe This Makeup Artist's Crazy Looks

Halloween may be three months away, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start thinking about your costume. With the popularity of makeup artist Instagram accounts increasing, it takes creativity to stand out. Makeup artist twistinbangs' crazy body makeup is definitely standing out from the crowd and providing costume inspiration at the same time.

Hair stylist Corie Willet's Instagram bio says "i slang hair by day &makeup by night," but the makeup artist must be staying up all night to finish the elaborate designs she paints on herself then shoots, usually against a black background that makes the colors pop.

The Illinois-based Instagrammer is steadily building a fan base, with more than 6,500 followers (and growing!). You can tell how much attention to detail Willet puts into each photo, using paint, makeup, wigs and color contacts to fit each different character. It definitely seems to require a steady hand, a good photographer and some major patience.

Although I'll probably never be able to pull off some of the makeup looks Willet posts, her creativity is definitely inspiring me to take my Halloween costume more seriously this year.

Here are seven over-the-top costume ideas that will guarantee you're the best dressed at your Halloween party.

1. Witch

This Wizard of Oz-inspired green-skinned witch look is elaborate but not impossible to pull off. You need dramatic black eyeliner, bright colored contacts and a long, dark wig.

2. Mermaid

This nautical look includes lots of blues and greens, which is natural for a mermaid costume. My costume might be a little simpler than this, but I'd definitely include that blue wig and sequined bustier.

3. Skeleton

Willet showed the process it took to create the final version of her "inside out skeleton girl," and the detail is incredible. I like the idea of leaving half the face normal too, which contrasts really nicely with the rest of her body.

4. Tiger

My college mascot was the tiger, so this costume is right up my alley. Willet wrote it was inspired by Lisa Frank's neon notebooks and folders. 90s nostalgia and a tiger? Sign me up.

5. Zombie

This photo might be a slightly unrealistic one to replicate, but it's too cool not to include. Willett blacked out her body and painted her arm green for the photo so it looked like she was holding up her own decapitated head. Cool and surprisingly not gruesome looking.

6. Fairy

Willet went all out and even included fake pointed ears in this photo. It's simpler than most of her other looks, mostly because it doesn't involve painting your entire body a bright color. It's also the perfect reason to bust out that flower crown that's been collecting dust at the back of your closet.

7. Marie Antoinette

Although I'm not exactly sure this was the look Willet was going for, I think this photo is begging to be recreated as a Marie Antoinette costume. The giant hair resembles the powdered wigs the French monarch famously wore. The coolest part about this picture? Willet took it wearing her mother's wedding dress.

Image: twistinbangs/Instagram