Kate Middleton's Latest Tiara Was Stunning. Here Are 8 Sparkly Hair Accessories That Capture the Look

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What we love most about Kate Middleton's style is the fact that she's just like us — she appreciates a good moto jacket, has a love for nautical pieces and isn't afraid to wear her favorite dress over and over again. And then she has moments like last night where she wears a diamond-encrusted tiara (loaned by the Queen, no less) to a ball at the Buckingham Palace. It's then that we are reminded she's totally not like us, but hey, we can still pretend like she is right?

It's been a while since we've seen Middleton in all her royal glory. She hasn't donned a tiara since her wedding to Prince William in 2011. It may only be her second time, but she looks like a real natural.

As we said earlier, we covet everything Kate chooses to wear — this glittering crown is no exception. It brings us back to the days when we wished we were a pretty, pretty princess, too. Just because that dream ended (or not — Prince Harry is still technically single, isn't he?) doesn't mean we still can't pretend. Here are 8 sparkly pieces that will give you that I'm-wearing-diamonds-on-my-head feeling.

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