6 Underrated U.S. First Ladies Who Were Way Before Their Time (And Way Cooler Than Their Presidential Husbands)

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While there have been 46 impressive and inspiring women to fill the role, history has long forgotten some of the most underrated first ladies. There are some truly remarkable women who have served alongside the president, but only a handful are actively celebrated. When most people think of the role, they think of Jacqueline Kennedy or Dolley Madison. Eleanor Roosevelt (while being my favorite first lady) is continuously ranked as the most popular first lady of all time.

We know about Martha Washington, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama, but what about the impressive first ladies that history has glossed over? For some women, their efforts and roles exceeded those of their husbands' in terms of lasting legacy. Unlike the president, the role of first lady is strictly not an official one and comes with no salary. Over time, the women who have held the role have started traditions and expanded the expectations of the position.

The first lady doesn't always have to be the wife of the president either. In situations where the president is unmarried or widowed, daughters, nieces, or friends have stepped in to take over the social functions typically associated with the position. And as the country progressed, it became expected that first ladies would each adopt a pet position to champion during their time in the White House.

So who are some of the most impressive and underrated first ladies? You might recognize some names, while others will be complete mysteries to you.

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