The New Trailer for Spike Jonze's 'Her' Will Make You Feel All the Feelings

If you weren't already excited for Spike Jonze's newest film, take this as your cue: It's worth anticipating. As if that first trailer wasn't heart-wrenching enough, Warner Bros. has just released a second trailer for Spike Jonze's Her , which gives us an even better look at Joaquin Phoenix as a man named Theodore, who is falling in love with his artificial intelligence operating system, Samantha.

While the prospect of a man falling in love with a computer might not seem remotely romantic or even all that interesting of a film to watch, it's clear within the first few seconds of Her's trailer that this movie is different: It's just as much about Theodore and Samantha's relationship as it is about relationships in general, and what it really means to love. Plus, when you hear Samantha's voice, you can't really blame the guy for becoming smitten — Scarlett Johansson's slightly raspy yet ever seductive voice is pretty much perfect for Samantha.

Also appearing in the trailer is Rooney Mara as Theodore's estranged ex-wife, and Amy Adams as his old friend who seems extremely supportive of his relationship with Samantha.

You can check out the trailer below, and then head over to Indiewire for a ton of newly released stills from the film. Her is set to hit theaters on Dec. 18.

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Image: Warner Bros.