Does Your Snack Look Like This?

I don't know about you, but when I was little, it pretty much made my Saturday whenever my mom topped off my pancakes with Mickey Mouse ears. (The BEST.) But apparently my mom's Disney-inspired breakfasts — complete with lop-sided ears and blueberry eyes — pale in comparison to the wildly artistic creations some parents are whipping up these days. Take Aussie mom Laleh Mohmedi, whose cartoon character food art has gone super viral this week for their impressively intricate designs. Mohmedi shares images of the meals, which are all made for her son, Jacob, on the Instagram account @jacobs_food_diaries. In the process, she racks up hundreds of likes on each photo and makes the rest of us rethink our somewhat lackluster bento box skills.

Each plate features a different fun character from a popular kids' show or movie, and made entirely from totally yummy and nutritious foods. Craving some fruit? Mohmedi makes some killer Bert and Ernies out of cut up bananas and tangerines. Want to work some veggies into your meal? You'll be amazed by what she can do with a some lentils, wilted spinach, and eggplant. But the most impressive part is probably this: Mohmedi told BuzzFeed earlier this week that each meal only takes her about 20-35 minutes to prep.

Here are just a few of Mohmedi most impressive creations.

Simba, From The Lion King

Olaf (Who's Definitely Ready For A Warm Hug)

The Always Adorable Mr. Peabody

Big Bird & Zoe!

Mike, From Monsters, Inc. — Looking As Un-Scary As Ever

Chucky From Rugrats (Who Is Just About The Cutest)

A Minion! (Because Yes, They Really Are Taking Over)

As talented as Mohmedi is, though, the Melbourne mom is just the latest parent to hop on the food art trend and go viral for her artful creations.

Last year, Nathan Shields made headlines for his elaborate pancake art. As you may remember, the Washington dad served up everything from Stephen Hawking's face... the cast of Harry Potter.

And then there's Li Ming Lee, the Japanese mom whose masterful bento box art became so popular, she's even got a book coming out this fall titled Yummy Kawaii Bento .

Her specialty? Oh, just about everything. Like adorable bunnies...

And Where's Waldo-inspired meals.

And... OMG, I seriously can't handle these teddy bears.

Or how about Lee Samantha, whose Instagram account explains she "makes food that tells a story" — and a beautiful one at that.

Pretty impressive, huh? And just further proof that we need to get a food art competition on Food Network stat, because these parents would totally represent.

Anyway, BRB — going to inhale a sad plate of crackers and cheese and pretend I can see Simba's face in it.

Image: @jacobs_food_diaries/Instagram