10 Books That Are Perfect For Long Plane Rides

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You're not alone if you dread long flights. The recycled air, the stale food, the proximity to strangers laden with unknown quantities of bacteria… ugh. BUT! When else do you get hours of quiet, sustained, uninterrupted reading time? When else is it totally acceptable to eat two bars of Dairy Milk and drink a Diet Coke and call it a meal? When else can you not feel guilty for literally not moving at all for 8-plus hours in the name of reading a really good romance novel? Never!

So long-haul flights have their upsides. But figuring out the perfect book to bring along with you on that flight can be a whole other source of stress: it has to be engrossing and gripping; relatively easy to read, but not a complete waste of time; fun, for sure, but it’s also nice to learn something new along the way. (And, if you’re old school like me, it has to be lightweight.)

I’ve got you covered, high flyer: these 10 books have been personally vetted by either me or a fellow frequent-flying loved one. From the short stories to the memoirs to the mysteries to the straight-up good fiction, this list has something for every traveler’s tastes. Happy trails!

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