14 Book-Inspired School Supplies For Lit-Lovers, So You Can Always Feel Like You're Living In A Story

Some people dread the “back-to-school” signs in stores because of their constant, bold-lettered reminder that summer is almost over. But those signs also mean that autumn is coming. The leaves are going to change into beautiful shades of orange and yellow, there are a million holidays coming up (which means people are going to have to stop complaining about me listening to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in the car, because it’s almost an acceptable time to start playing it again), and the whole thing is accompanied by the scent of fresh notebook pages. That’s right: back-to-school time means TIME TO BUY NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES.

Whether you’re headed back to high school, college, grad school, or you’re done with school and it’ll be work as usual, everyone can take advantage of a great deal on school supplies. They’re practical, PLUS they come in some pretty perfect patterns — especially for lit lovers.

That’s right — if reading is your No. 1 hobby, school supply shopping should be your No. 2 pastime, because there are some amazing products out there inspired by your favorite books, just waiting to be loved. From planners to pencil cases, these items will have you celebrating autumn — and most importantly, BOOKS — year-round.

by Julia Seales

'Alice in Wonderland' Notebook

If you believe six impossible things before breakfast, this is the notebook for you. Moleskin has a great line of Alice In Wonderland -inspired notebooks just waiting to be filled with curioser and curioser ideas and thoughts. Plus, there are prints of the original Alice illustrations by John Tenniel throughout the notebook, so you’ll keep feeling inspired as you write.

Moleskin Notebook, $20, Amazon

Image: Moleskine

Hogwarts Quill

Are pens too ordinary for you? Do you want to fully experience the world of Harry Potter, even while jotting down notes here and there? If so, THIS is the quill for you. The Hogwarts-inspired feather quill also comes with a stand, so you can display it when you’re not writing. Just take care not to scribble all your secrets in any suspicious notebooks.

Hogwarts Writing Quill, $50, Harry Potter Shop

Image: Harry Potter Shop

'Pride and Prejudice' Tote Bag

This tote is definitely handsome enough to tempt me. The navy bag features a vintage cover print of Pride and Prejudice , and is the perfect size to hold your books and pencils.

Tote, $18, Out of Print Clothing

Image: Out of Print Clothing

'The Hobbit' Pencils

If you are looking for some pencils to take on an adventure, look no further. These beauties are wrapped in pages, so you can be reminded of your favorite books while writing. PLUS, there are tons of different options for which book you want on the pencils, so once you use up a set, you can choose another!

Image: Bouncing Ball Creations/Etsy

'The Princess Bride' Pencils

Can you ever have enough pencils? Of course not. That’s completely inconceivable — you can never have too many, especially because these beautiful pastel creations featuring quotes from The Princess Bride exist. Quotes from this beloved novel, which inspired the beloved movie, will keep you cracking up as you take notes.

Image: The Carbon Crusader/Etsy

Banned Books Pencil Case

Not only will this pencil case hold your writing utensils, but you can also use it to flaunt the fact that you’re a reader and a rebel, since it’s decorated with titles of banned books.

Zipped Pouch, $14, Literary Gift Company

Image: The Literary Gift Company

'The Little Prince' Lunch Box

Some people see a vintage tin lunch box. Others see the food inside. Never forget that you were once a child with this cute lunch box featuring The Little Prince — it’ll keep your food fresh, and the book-cover-inspired design will give you plenty to philosophize about while you’re eating, whether on earth or on a distant asteroid.

Image: Brindefoile

'Jane Eyre' Poster

Need to decorate your classroom or dorm? This poster isn’t just a pretty picture: it’s made up of the full text of Jane Eyre within the minimalist image. Find tons of other classic literature-inspired posters like it, along with the Jane Eyre poster at Litographs.

Poster, $24, Litographs

Image: Litographs

'The Great Gatsby' Notebook

This notebook is another perfect pick for lit-lovers. The cover features a print of The Great Gatsby cover, so you can think of large yet intimate parties while recording your thoughts.

Great Gatsby Notebook, $5, Out of Print Clothing

Image: Out of Print Clothing

'Matilda' Mug

You’ll probably be downing plenty of coffee while studying, doing homework, or maybe reading a book (or five). And what better companion to keep you company while you’re learning, than the precocious brainiac Matilda Wormwood?

Mug, $13, Literary Gift Company

Image: The Literary Gift Company

Sherlock Holmes planner

It’s important to keep all your commitments, classes, and clues organized. That’s just elementary (school), my dear Watson. Luckily, there’s a Sherlock Holmes-inspired planner you can use to keep everything structured.

Image: Ruskerville/Etsy

Author Bookmarks

These authors are the perfect people to hold your place in a book. Featuring quotes from Sylvia Plath, Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, and more, these bookmarks are perfect for lit lovers who don’t want to bend the pages of their books or textbooks.

Image: RyanSheffield/Etsy

Library Card Water Bottle

If you want to remember the days of libraries past, pick up one of these library notice-inspired water bottles. They’re perfect for book-lovers on the go.

Water Bottle, $36, Zazzle

Image: Zazzle

Composition Notebook

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned composition notebook. Reminiscent of Harriet the Spy, these notebooks will keep you feeling nostalgic for your favorite childhood classics.

Composition Notebook, $1, Dollar Tree

Image: DollarTree