14 Book-Inspired School Supplies For Lit-Lovers, So You Can Always Feel Like You're Living In A Story

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Some people dread the “back-to-school” signs in stores because of their constant, bold-lettered reminder that summer is almost over. But those signs also mean that autumn is coming. The leaves are going to change into beautiful shades of orange and yellow, there are a million holidays coming up (which means people are going to have to stop complaining about me listening to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in the car, because it’s almost an acceptable time to start playing it again), and the whole thing is accompanied by the scent of fresh notebook pages. That’s right: back-to-school time means TIME TO BUY NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES.

Whether you’re headed back to high school, college, grad school, or you’re done with school and it’ll be work as usual, everyone can take advantage of a great deal on school supplies. They’re practical, PLUS they come in some pretty perfect patterns — especially for lit lovers.

That’s right — if reading is your No. 1 hobby, school supply shopping should be your No. 2 pastime, because there are some amazing products out there inspired by your favorite books, just waiting to be loved. From planners to pencil cases, these items will have you celebrating autumn — and most importantly, BOOKS — year-round.

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