Celebrate National Lipstick Day With Colorful Picks From The World's Hottest Urban Destinations

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Now is the time to treat your pucker with exceptional TLC, because today is National Lipstick Day — and Heathrow's “Lipstick Colors of the Year" survey has revealed which shades are favored in luxe locales around the world. The glitterati of Madrid favor vivid rouge tints while New York's street style set reportedly adore their classic crimson, and Londoners take after Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with their expertly applied nude hues. Whether you're planning a trip to rose pink-besotted Dubai or coral-smitten Kuala Lumpur, why not celebrate the holiday by purchasing a new shade of lipstick for your your pout? Scroll through for our suggestions based on these top travel destinations. Did your favorite city make the cut?

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