People Are Flipping Out Over Possible MH370 Debris

After more than a year of silence on the subject, officials say they may finally have found debris from Maylasia Airlines Flight 370, which went missing on March 8, 2014. According to BuzzFeed News, French officials claim they found a fragment of a plane wing off the coast of Réunion, an island near Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Although it hasn't been verified yet, this could be the first news in months regarding the whereabouts of the 239 people who disappeared with the plane. Bound for Bejing from Kuala Lumpur, MH370 veered wildly off course between Malaysia and Vietnam, after which it ceased to appear on radar screens. According to CNN, experts believe that the plane must have gone down in the southern Indian Ocean, but no trace of MH370 had been found.

On Wednesday, however, French officials were cleaning up the coastline near the town of Saint-Andre when they came across what appeared to be part of a wing flap. Authorities quickly arrived at the scene and transported the 6.5-by-3.2 foot piece of wreckage to a local airport for a closer look.

Understandably, the reaction on social media has been huge.

Although this could be a sign of closure for the families, authorities have pointed out that the remains have yet to be examined thoroughly.