Good News, 'Scream' Fans!

Big news for fans of MTV's most killer series: MTV has renewed Scream for Season 2, and, according to producer Bob Weinstein of The Weinstein Co. and Dimension Films, it's going to be bigger, bloodier, and more terrifying than the last. “We promise even more scares, surprises, romance and of course kills in Season 2,” Weinstein reportedly announced — and, if Season 1 was any indication, he's not kidding. No matter how you feel about cheesy horror franchises, the new season of Scream sounds like it could give even the most hardened horror fan nightmares.

As Variety reports, the series is vaguely based on the iconic horror genre spoof of the '90s that starred Neve Campbell against a super terrifying serial killer — however, series producers and executives call the new MTV series a reinvention of the original, only scarier, creepier, and slightly updated to include things that actually exist now, like the Internet and texting. “The Scream franchise has been such a huge part of our history and to watch it evolve, find a new generation of fans and succeed at MTV makes this all the more sweet," Weinstein added.

As for what we can expect for the upcoming season, executive producer Jamie Paglia reportedly explained, according to Variety , that the show's killer is terrifying and psychopathic enough to "compete" with those on shows like American Horror Story and Dexter. "This is not a killer who is going to take risks. When the killer does show up, you want to feel that someone is definitely going to die. If you undercut that with too many near-misses, I think so many of the audience isn’t going to feel that afraid of the show.”

Yikes. Based on that chilling description, here are some more predictions about what might happen:

First Prediction: Anything Could Happen

Like, maybe not even the killer knows who's the killer!

Willa Fitzgerald's Hair Will Be Fabulous

As always.

There Will Be More High School Relationship Drama...

Sooooo much more drama.

.... And More References To The Original Franchise

(This line in particular needs to happen.)

More Creepy Dates

In which your date turns out to maybe be a murderer.

More PDA

Ahh, youth.

The Killer Could Be Anyone

Killin' and chillin'.

Piles Of Dead Bodies

Lots of death. And dying. And blood. Blood everywhere.

Even More Horrifying Text Threats From The Killer

Whoever they are.

I don't know about you, but I am dying for Scream Season 2 right about now. (See? See what I did there?)

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