Strong, Healthy Nails? Easy!

by Julia Teen

Whether you’re the type of girl who changes up her polish three times a week, or keep them clean and bare, you’re probably trying to achieve strong, durable nails. Especially during the winter months, nail care is essential, so try these small adjustments to enjoy beautiful nails:

Push ‘em back

You wouldn’t (shouldn’t!) forget to moisturize your face every night, right? Let’s get in the same mentality for nail care. Keep your nail tools near your bed and spend a few minutes hydrating all over your nail beds with a softening oil before gently pushing your cuticles back.

Load up on protein

Give your nails a break every few days from lacquer by applying a strengthening product to replenish the natural keratin protein that makes your nails up. If you really can’t break the polish hold, try something that doubles up on the nail protectant ingredients as well as flattering color, like Revlon’s Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel.

Take a vitamin hit

If you are experiencing flakiness, ridging or general consistent breakage it’s time to take your care up a notch and invest in a supplement to boost up your nail health. A hair, skin and nails supplement containing ingredients like Biotin, Vitamins A, C, and E is great for nail boosting, with the added benefit of giving you glowing hair and skin, too.

Cover your bases

Are you still not using base coat? Shame on you! Are your nails yellowed and weak? As much as new polish technology is all about healthy, moisturising formulas, a lot of nail polishes are still drying and destructive to your nails. Avoid discoloration and dehydration by always applying a moisturising base coat first.

One Direction

Always file your nails in one direction, not back and forth which leads to splitting of the tip and breakage. How long have you been carting around those emery boards, anyway? They are a cesspool of dead nail cells and bacteria, so replace them every two weeks.